Oblivion:Purgeblood Salts

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Added by Vile Lair
Value 0 Weight 0.4
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
2nd Damage Health Damage Health
3rd Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
4th Dispel Dispel
# Samples 0
Ore Purgeblood Crystal Formation  % 100
# Rocks 3 (respawning)
Three Purgeblood Crystal Formations in Deepscorn Cloister

Purgeblood Salts can be mined from the Purgeblood Crystal Formations close to the Font of Renewal in Deepscorn Hollow. Although primarily useful for curing vampirism at the Font, they can also be used as alchemy ingredients.

The Purgeblood Salts will respawn after three days (the Purgeblood Crystal Formations are the only "containers" in Deepscorn Hollow that respawn).


  • The formations can also be exploited to quickly obtain limitless amounts of Purgeblood Salts. If you place two or more salts into one of the formations and then try to withdraw the salts, you will find that the salts are added to your inventory but are not removed from the formation. So if you start by collecting one salt from each of the three formations, then put all three back into one of the formations, you can then "withdraw" those three repeatedly... and of course you can deposit back an even greater number of salts to withdraw them by groups of 30+ for instance. This duplication glitch does not work for any other ingredient though: in the construction set the number of salts is set to -1, which means that the formation provides a never-ending supply, but it apparently works only if there is more than 1 to start with.
  • Eating a large amount of Purgeblood Salts at once can cause the game to become temporarily unstable, because the magnitude of your character's Restore Magicka effect can reach thousands. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the number of salts eaten at once and let the Restore Magicka effect wear off before eating more.