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Imperial Palace Guard

Imperial Palace Guards can only be found in the Green Emperor Way district of the Imperial City. They guard and patrol the area around and inside White Gold Tower and behave very much like Imperial Legion guards. They are usually armed with silver longswords or claymores and all of the guards are armored in full sets of Imperial Watch armor, which (except for the shield) cannot be looted. Other than their armor, they are exactly the same as normal guards in their attributes and skills.

They take many opportunities to warn you about being courteous in Green Emperor Way. Here are some of the things they say:

  • "Please show respect for the Imperial Palace by keeping your voice down."
  • "All citizens are welcome in the Imperial Palace, at least on the first two floors."
  • "Remember, trespassing in the Imperial Palace is a serious crime. Do not venture beyond the first and second floors."
  • "All visitors to the Imperial Palace are asked to keep their voices down, especially if the council is in session."

Beyond the Guards quarters, the Palace guards become aggressive. They are easily identified since they carry a fine steel sword instead of a silver longsword. They are only encountered in the last Thieves Guild quest, The Ultimate Heist.


ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0010D759 00115DF9 Elder Council Chambers
00115DF6 00115DFA Elder Council Chambers
00115DFB 00115DFC Elder Council Chambers
00115DFD 00115DFE Elder Council Chambers
0006E632 Crypt Door
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00115DF7 00115DF8 Elder Council Chambers
0004A2BF Green Way
000C7619 Green Way
0006E629 Crypt
ID Location
000666FF Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666E7 Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666E9 Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666EB Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666EC Guard Quarters (asleep)
0006653F Library*
0006653D Library*
00181D1E Chancellor Ocato's Chambers*

(*)These Guards are aggresive and will attack you on sight