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(RefID: 0001F10A)
Location Lake Arrius Caverns
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC+1 Class Mythic Dawn Agent
RefID 0001F10A BaseID 0001F106
Other Information
Health 43 + (3+1.8)xPC, PC=4-27
Magicka 113 + 3.5xPC
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Mythic Dawn 0(Initiate Initiate); Used for MQ06 dialogue conditions
The Doorkeeper in Lake Arrius Caverns

The Doorkeeper is an Imperial Mythic Dawn agent stationed inside Lake Arrius Caverns, and the first obstacle before you can infiltrate the Mythic Dawn, witness the ceremony held by Mankar Camoran himself and claim the Mysterium Xarxes during the Dagon Shrine quest.

He can be found guarding the locked door in the first zone of Lake Arrius Caverns 24 hours a day, even before the related quest is initiated. He never eats nor sleeps. If you accept Harrow's proposal and hand him your belongings, he will be disabled once you enter the Shrine Antechamber. If you refuse to give Harrow your belongings, the Doorkeeper's aggression will rise to 50 and he will also suffer a 100-point disposition drop; which means he will summon his Mythic Dawn bound armor and attack.

He wears the standard Mythic Dawn robe and hood. He only carries a small amount of gold. During the related quest he also carries the key to the Shrine of Dagon. He can also cast the standard Mythic Dawn bound armor and mace spell.

When you enter the first room of Lake Arrius Caverns, the Doorkeeper will actively seek you out with the standard Mythic Dawn salute: "Dawn is breaking." When you greet him back, he will welcome you and point you towards Harrow: "Welcome, brother/sister. The hour is late, but the Master still has need for willing hands. You may pass into the Shrine. Harrow will take you to the Master for your initiation into the service of Lord Dagon. Do not tarry. The time of Preparation is almost over. The time of Cleansing is near." He will then turn around and unlock the wooden door leading deeper into the cave. If approached again, he will repeat: "Harrow awaits within. You should not linger here."

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  • Although he is disabled after Stage 40, subsequent stages will still raise his Aggression to 50 and give him a 100-point disposition drop as if he were intended to attack you.