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(RefID: 0009786C)
Location Azura's Shrine
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level PC+1 Class Conjurer
RefID 0009786C BaseID 0009786B
Other Information
Health 35 + (3+1.4)x(PC+0), PC=4-42
Magicka 138 + 5.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Azura; DAGeneric

Bur-Meema is an Argonian conjurer who is a devout worshipper of the Daedric Prince Azura. She can be found with her fellow worshippers, Ralsa Nethan and Mels Maryon, at Azura's Shrine.

Like most Daedric worshippers she refuses to stop worshipping her prince, not even sleep will make her deviate from her worship. She is, however, very active and divides her time between sitting on one of the benches, kneeling in front of the candles or praying silently behind the lectern. At times, she will approach the shrine itself and put down an unknown offering. At all other times, she will wander around.

She wields an iron dagger and wears a simple set of lower-class clothing, a dark green shirt with a pair of blacksmith's pants and rough leather shoes. She only carries a small amount of gold.

If you try to approach her before beginning the shrine quest she will reject your request for conversation with the words: "I'm trying to concentrate. If you don't mind...?"

Several citizens of Cheydinhal will mention Bur-Meena and her fellow worshippers, and defend their right to worship a Daedric Prince. Trayvond the Redguard will say: "Daedra cults aren't necessarily evil, of course. In nearby Morrowind, for example, they worship Daedra in the Temple. The Azura shrine north of town, up Lake Arrius way, for instance. I know a Dark Elf there. Nothing evil about him." Ulene Hlervu, an open critic of any kind of worship, will comment: "The Azura coven in the Jeralls north of Cheydinhal... nice folks. Nothing like the blood-drinking Daedra worshippers everyone raves about. A waste of time, of course, worshipping gods in the first place. But at least they're not raving lunatics."


  • Bur-Meemea is one of only two named NPCs in the standard game to have the Conjurer class. She only shares her class with Martin.