Morrowind:Raxle Berne

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Raxle Berne (raxle berne)
Location Galom Daeus, Observatory
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 30 Class Enforcer
Other Information
Health 179 Magicka 144
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Berne Clan 9(Ancient)
Raxle Berne

Raxle Berne is an Imperial enforcer and head of the Berne Vampire clan. He can be found in the Observatory in their lair, Galom Daeus, in the Molag Amur region.

If you become a vampire of the clan, he considers you to be an expendable mistake and sends you on a few quests that he expects will get you killed.

Related Quests

Berne Clan

Tribunal Temple

  • Slay Raxle Berne: Cleanse out the vampire lair Galom Daeus and kill the elder vampire Raxle Berne.