Morrowind:Abaelun Mine

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Abaelun Mine
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# of Zones 1
Mine Type Diamond
# of Samples 19 in rocks
4 held by Mervis
Miners, Imperial Guards
Console Location Code(s)
Abaelun Mine
West Gash, [-1,3]
Abaelun Mine

Abaelun Mine is the only working diamond mine in Vvardenfell, located just over the hills northeast of Caldera.

The interior of the mine

It is run as a combined effort by the Imperials and Dunmer House Hlaalu. The mine is guarded by two Imperial Guards, and is worked by four Dunmer miners.

Other than the rich stash of diamonds (some of which are hard to see or behind rocks), this rather small mine is unremarkable.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Alvor Andas Male&M Dunmer Miner 4 74 84 90 30
Davas Aralas Male&M Dunmer Miner 4 74 84 90 30
Mervis Male&M Dunmer Miner 12 138 98 90 30
Rernel Arano Male&M Dunmer Miner 5 82 86 90 30


Map of Abaelun Mine