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A Zealot

The Zealots of the Shivering Isles are a group of outcast mortals found in Dementia. They follow the Demented teachings of Arden-Sul to a fault, believing him to be a mortal aspect of Sheogorath. They believe Sheogorath himself to be a living god, and go to extreme and painful lengths to prove their devotion to him. The Zealots revel in violence, and attack all outsiders unless they wear their robes. Robes are brought to settlements in Dementia as a way for citizens to join the Zealots, although converts are often killed if they are not true of heart or if they fail the painful initiation rituals. The Zealots are noted for their rituals involving the summoning and binding of Flesh Atronachs.[1] They have a particular vendetta against the Heretics, their Manic counterparts. The highest ranks of the Zealots were said to be "ascended".[2]

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