Lore:Yagrum Bagarn

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Master Crafter Yagrum Bagarn
MW-creature-Yagrum Bagarn.jpg
Master Crafter Yagrum Bagarn as seen in Morrowind
Raça Dwemer Gênero Male
Residência Vvardenfell
Aparece em Morrowind

Yagrum Bagarn is the last known living Dwemer. Bloated and sick with Corprus disease, he is under the care of the ancient Telvanni wizard Divayth Fyr, in Tel Fyr.[1]

Before the disappearance of the Dwarves, Bagarn was a Master Crafter in the service of the chief Tonal Architect, Lord Kagrenac.[2] Yagrum survived because he was in another dimension at the time, an undescribed "Outer Realm", and has been looking for his people ever since with no success.[2] He has taken some time to record his knowledge for the benefit of races that still live in Tamriel.[3]


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