Lore:Ria Silmane

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Ria Silmane
AR-npc-Ria Silmane.jpg
Ria Silmane in her opening appearance in Arena
Raça Unknown Gênero Female
Residência Cyrodiil
Aparece em Arena

Ria Silmane was the apprentice of Jagar Tharn. After Tharn took over the Imperial throne, he murdered Ria because he was not able to corrupt her. However, she kept her spirit bound to the mortal plane via her magic; yet her magicka reserves were constantly draining, limiting the time she had left. Ria could still cast magic, but it drained her energy even further. She aided the Eternal Champion in escaping the Imperial Prison and tracking down all eight pieces of the Staff of Chaos. She did not have a corporeal form, and she communicated largely through dreams and visions. She used up the last of her magicka to help the Champion infiltrate the Imperial Palace, and was never heard from again.

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