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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall
Ficheiro:DF-Map-Iliac Bay.jpg
The area in which Phrygias was found

Phrygias was a barony on the western coast of High Rock (in the Iliac Bay region).[1] It existed in the late First Era,[2] as well as in the late Third Era.[3] It was surrounded by Ykalon to the south, Urvaius and Dwynnen to the east, and the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north.[1] The Garlythi clan was the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity was Stendarr. The provincial seat was the city of Phrygias.[3] Phrygias was one of the primary members of a coalition that fought and defeated the forces of the Camoran Usurper in the massive Battle of Firewaves.[4]

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