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Este artigo é sobre the geographical region. Para the political entity, veja Gavaudon (fiefdom).

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in ESO
Gavaudon circa 2E 582

Gavaudon is a region in central High Rock, within the larger region of Stormhaven. It borders Menevia to the west, Wrothgar to the north, and Mournoth to the east. The region contains the town of Wind Keep, the Ayleid ruins of Norvulk, as well as the enormous ruined statue called the Weeping Giant.[1]

Gavaudon offers rich alluvial soil due to the Bjoulsae River flood plains, but the threat of vampire attacks and Orc raids from the mountains weeds out all but the most hardy frontiersmen. Around 2E 582, the region was considered a fiefdom.[2]


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