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Reymon Ebonarm (also called Ebonarm or the Black Knight) is the God of War and the companion and protector of all warriors. He is said to ride a golden stallion named War Master. His ebony sword is fused to his right arm as a result of the wounds he suffered in the titanic battles of the past, and he is never seen without his ebony armor. He is described as bearded, tall and muscular, and as having flowing reddish blonde hair and steel blue eyes. Emblazoned on his tower shield is the symbol of a red rose, a flower known for blooming on battlefields where he appears. According to legend, he appears on the field of battle to reconcile opposing sides and prevent bloodshed.[1][2]

In the tale of King Edward, Ebonarm was the one who gave the mortal Sai the gift of immortality when he died in battle, in return for taking on the role of the God of Luck. Sai did Ebonarm's bidding for many years, but when he fell in love with a woman named Josea he became lax in his duty. A host of gods visited him, Ebonarm taking the form of a black knight, and demanded he leave his family. Ebonarm demanded he fix the problems he had caused staying in one area for too long, which took Sai one hundred and fifty years to do.[3]

Most Fighters Guild guildhalls in the Alik'r Desert are mosques dedicated to Ebonarm and Redguards often kept a shrine to the God of War in their homes.[4] He is also an enemy of all of the Daedric Princes except Sheogorath, as well as the Temple of Stendarr and the Cabal, a subfaction of the Mages Guild. He is allied with none, although he does lead the Citadel of Ebonarm, consisting of the aforementioned mosques and a knightly order known as the Battlelords. Holy anvils dedicated to Ebonarm can be found throughout the Iliac Bay region. Dunmer often swear upon the "soul of the Black Knight".[5]


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