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Conjuration magic is the art of summoning creatures or items from another plane. It is one of the six colleges of Magic, but is not considered to be one of the "great schools" by the Mages Guild, and only became mainstream after the Warp in the West. Despite this, it has been practiced for centuries by witch covens and wizards throughout Tamriel. Clan Direnni's sorcerers were some of the first to formalize the rituals, chants, and incantations used to open a connection with the plane of Oblivion, many of which are still standard centuries later.

This school can be used to summon a wide range of daedric creatures, weapons and armor. Spells used to dominate creatures and humanoids were once considered to be part of this school, but they are now part of the college of Illusion. A further type of spell grants power over the undead, until those were reassigned to the school of Restoration.

  • Summoned creatures fall into three groups. There are spells that call a daedra, from weak creatures such as scamps to more powerful ones like dremora. Others summon undead servants such as skeletons or wraiths. Lastly, some spells summon natural creatures - especially bears.
  • Summoned weapons and armor are daedric in nature, although often not as strong as normal daedric items.
  • Turn Undead effects cause undead creatures to become afraid of the caster, from whom they will run as long as the effect lasts.
  • Some necromantic rituals, particularly the reanimation of corpses, overlap with this school.

In 3E 431, the Council of Mages decided that Conjuration magic in Cyrodiil was to become the responsibility of the guildhall in the town of Chorrol.


Bound Armor
Bound Armor
Bound Weapon
Bound Weapon
Bound Weapon
Bend WillDB 1
Command Creature
Command Humanoid
Command Creature2
Command Humanoid
Soul Trap
Turn Undead
Turn Undead
Turn Undead4

1The Bend Will effect added by Dragonborn is a shout, outside of the traditional magic schools
2The Command spells were included in the Illusion school in Oblivion.
3Inherited from Mysticism school
4Moved into Restoration school

In addition to the flagship titles, other games have had effects in the Conjuration school:

Blood Spirit
Daedric Weapon
Dead to Dust
Doom Hammer(?)

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