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Title Author Description Game(s)
Palla Vojne Mierstyyd A conjurer's tragic infatuation with a dead woman
Path of the Pilgrim Bikkus-Ze, Hissmir Oblate Notes on the pilgrims of Hissmir
The Path of Transcendence Celedaen A necromancer's diary of efforts at becoming a lich
Pension of the Ancestor Moth A Temple novice's initiatory pamphlet on the Cult of the Ancestor Moth
The Perfect Host Malenford Hlaalu, House Event Planner Extraordinaire On planning for a social event
Persistence of Daedric Veneration Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A response to a rival author
The Philosophy of Stealth The Red Asp, Hallin's Stand How not to be seen
Physicalities of Werewolves Reman Crex A morbid anatomical study of werewolves on live subjects
Picnic at Pelin (A Horror Story) DeWitte Bourbois
The Pig Children Tyston Bane Discusses the history of the Orcish threat in the Iliac Bay
The Pilgrim's Path Tribunal Temple A book describing each of the Temple's shrines
The Piper Townspeople lose their children to a mischievous piper
Pirate King of the Abecean An ode to the Pirate King
Pirates of the Abecean A tale of a pirate crew's encounter with the infamous Crimson Ship
A Pocket Guide to Mournhold A traveler's guide to the city of Mournhold
Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition The Imperial Geographical Society A paper bound booklet included with the game Redguard
Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition The Imperial Geographical Society A paperbound booklet included with the Oblivion Collector's Edition.
Poison Song Bristin Xel A historically inaccurate epic set in the aftermath of the war with the Dwemer and House Dagoth
The Posting of the Hunt A document announcing a ritualistic hunting of a mortal by Daedra
Power of the Elements
Powering the Dark Anchors Notes on inner workings of Dark Anchors and the methods of powering them
Practical Necromancy An instructional guide on tethering and enslaving spirits
Prayer of the Resolute Religious doctrine from the Resolutes of Stendarr
Prayer to Hircine A prayer to the Daedric Lord of the Hunt
The Prayers of Baranat Adventure of a man in his quest to release a kidnapped lady
Precepts of Stendarr Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr Evangelical doctrine for the God of Mercy and Charity
The Predecessors Yngvar the Wanderer Being an Examination of the Curious Ruins of the Shivering Isles and Their Terrible Significance for our Future.
Prince Aiden's Report Prince Aiden Direnni Orders to kill a cult of Daedra worshipers in the wilderness of High Rock
Principles of Conjuration Corvus Direnni A brief introduction to the basics of Conjuration magic
Progress of Truth Dissident Priests A book questioning the doctrine of the Tribunal and even its godhood
Proper Lock Design Written as a manual for lock designers, unintentionally helpful to thieves
Proper Torture Techniques The Duchess of Anguish Essays on effective torture methods
Proper-Life: Three Chants Marchas da Ordem Alessiana
The Prophet Arden-Sul Volume II, The Sacellum
Proposal: Schools of Magic Gabrielle Benele, Daggerfall Mages Guild A proposal to change the Mages Guild study program
Protocols of the Court of Contempt Judge Xiven Protocols for a Daedric court
Provinces of Tamriel A brief analysis of the Imperial provinces of Tamriel
Purloined Shadows Waughin Jarth A chill tale recounting the theft of Nocturnal's cowl