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Amber is a colorful resin formed from hardened sap. It may be used in alchemy. The material is of limited use to the people of Tamriel, but in the Shivering Isles, amber smithing is an ancient art. The master smith of Bliss has the ability to make amber weapons and armor. Before the master dies, he will hide matrices throughout the realm and train an apprentice to continue the tradition.

Amber is common in the Shivering Isles, as it occurs in large quantities in the root tunnels that run beneath the surface. Severe trauma to the root system walls results in the formation of amber deposits as part of its natural defense mechanism. Gnarls, animated plants which manage the tunnels, clear away the amber and sometimes bring it to the surface. Amber smiths can craft lightweight armor and weapons from the resin. Amber matrices are hidden throughout the Isles to soak up the magical essence of the Realm of Madness. Using a matrix will produce an enchanted piece of equipment. The quality and enchantment power varies greatly between pieces of amber equipment, and is divided into eight grades: impure, unpolished, lesser, a standard grade, fine, very fine, grand and perfect. Impure amber equipment is little better than crude fur or iron, while perfect amber equipment rivals even Glass.

Like many things in the Shivering Isles, amber smithing has a polar opposite: madness ore. Lightweight amber equipment is associated with Mania, while heavy madness equipment is aligned with Dementia. The amber smith of Bliss is bitter rivals with the madness ore smith of Crucible, both of which vie to become the master smith of New Sheoth.



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