Lore:Alcaire (fiefdom)

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Este artigo é sobre the political entity. Para the geographical region, veja Alcaire.

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall
Ficheiro:DF-Map-Iliac Bay.jpg
The area in which Alcaire was found

Alcaire was a Third Era fiefdom on the south-central coast of High Rock, on the north shore of Iliac Bay. Shortly before the Warp in the West, it was ruled from the city of Alcaire,[1] and bordered Koegria to the southwest, and the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north. [2] Following the Warp, it became part of the kingdom of Wayrest.[3] The regional deity was Kynareth.[1]

The book The Arcturian Heresy claims Hjalti Early-Beard was born within its borders, and that Hjalti would go on to become Tiber Septim.[4] For this reason, the province celebrates Tibedetha (Tibers Day) on the 24th of Mid Year.[5]


  • The region shares its name and approximate geographical location with the Second Era Stormhaven duchy of Alcaire.
  • In the Skyrim quest The Ghost of Old Hroldan, the eponymous ghost holds a dialogue with "Hjalti", and makes reference to the time they spent together as students of "the sword masters of Alcaire".


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