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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Appears in Arena

Alabaster is a city found inland from the Niben River on the Elsweyr side of the border. It is said that great white walls surround the city, hence the name. A small unnamed town is located outside the city walls, to the west.[1] The docks of Alabaster were one of the first reported sightings of the Knahaten Flu in Elsweyr.[2]


  • Arena was originally conceived as a fighting game featuring a tournament that took the player to each of Tamriel's cities to challenge different gladiatorial teams. According to a file from that stage of development left behind in the final game, Alabaster's gladiatorial team would have been called "the Nightrunners".[oog 1]
  • In the mid-Second Era, the youth of Alabaster purportedly found it fashionable to place their honorifics before their names, rather than after in the typical Khajiiti custom.[3]


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