Daggerfall:Sheogorath's Quest

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The Daedric prince of Madness wants you to invite a battlemage to tea with him.
Location(s): Any Daedra Summoner on the 2nd of Sun's Dawn or at a 5% chance at any other summoning day
Reward: Wabbajack
ID: 60c00y00
Difficulty: Hard
Sheogorath the Daedric prince of madness

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Summon Sheogorath on the 2nd of Sun's Dawn or at a chance of 5% at any other summoning day.
  2. Head to the dungeon to which Sheogorath points you.
  3. Find and kill the battlemage.
  4. Travel to the second dungeon Sheogorath mentioned to you.
  5. Find his worshipper there and collect your reward.
  6. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

Sheogorath begins to talk to the player:

Oh, my. I bet ye weren't expecting me! My unbrothers and nonsisters are sometimes a bit slow, so I step in for them. Too bad for thou. You'll just have to cut thy deal with me. Be quick about it! Before the hour of the pale be passed, have I plenty to do elsewhere. So! Power the (player's race) craves to rub on the body and ease the four hundred sores of mortal life? Yes, Sheogorath has power, power enough to pull the branches across the eyes of the moon and rain blood over Tamriel. For thisý power, wilt thou send someone an invitation to tea for me?

Quest Acceptance

Sheogorath goes on:

To tea, to a tea party with me! Go, go to a place called (dungeon), where the object of my gallous desires doth trip and pose and wear blackberry crowns. Wait ... do not invite this battlemage to tea with me. Now I remember. This (battlemage's name) the name is. Kill (him/her) to death, murder (him/her) fatally, that's what I wish. Then go from (dungeon) to a lunatic asylum called (new dungeon) and see my (worshipper's name). The Wabbajack for you (he/she) will have. Will wait for you for (time limit) days and then will go to marry the unknown heir of Rowanda. Now I bid you a yapow and gazeenza.

Quest Decline

Sheogorath answers bemused:

La, rejected by a squalid (player's race) with lice in its hair. How far has Sheogorath risen! I shall have to ask for a raise in my allowance. Tirrah, (Brother/Sister).

Quest Object

Travel to the dungeon Sheogorath mentioned to you. Once you are there, find the battlemage and kill him. Once this is done, travel to the second dungeon Sheogorath mentiond to you and find his worshipper within. Talk to him/her and he/she will give you your reward, the Wabbajack.

Quest Object Dead

When the battlemage dies a message pops up saying:

You have dispatched (battlemage's name) from this mortal plane. Now to see if Sheogorath still remembers your agreement.

Quest End

Sheogorath's worshipper speaks to the player:

Ah, nice of you to let me out of my cell, madam jailer. Sheogorath changed his mind and decided that he wanted to take (battlemage's name) to tea after all. But when he found out, (he/she) was dead, he decided that was best. That way (battlemage's name) wouldn't eat all the posy pies. Before I forget, here's The Wabbajack. Don't point it at me.


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • Quest Target: One Battlemage