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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Tower of Ghorkke Spider Nest 10
Ruins of The Hold of Cyarkta Scorpion Nest 10
Ruins of Old Cilp-e's Hovel Coven 8
The Turtke Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Web of Trogerghu Scorpion Nest 11
Ruins of C'ushta Orchard Barbarian Stronghold 12
The Cairgum Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tomb of Verimyth Crypt 12
The Hezthor Nest Scorpion Nest 10
The Tower of Saoll Barbarian Stronghold 10
Northoth Giant Stronghold 8
Ruins of Vlerdin Hall Coven 8
The Bark Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Chushke Graveyard Cemetery 5
Durchem's Guard Human Stronghold 10
The Tower of Cyoll Spider Nest 8
Ruins of Glild Manor Scorpion Nest 12
The Dispater Cave Natural Cave 8
The Dajan Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Fortress of Caofyl Prison 8
The Hold of Kejten Ruined Castle 10
The Begem Prison Prison 8
The Tombs of Raact Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Homunilonivah Grotto Natural Cave 8
Ruins of Burk Manor Barbarian Stronghold 13
The Chuld Quarry Mine 8
The Sushte Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Suthar Laboratory Laboratory 8
The Morkasuna Grotto Natural Cave 10
The Citadel of Retham Giant Stronghold 13
Tower Caacham Scorpion Nest 8
Ruins of The Tower of M'ofylom Natural Cave 10
THe Crypts of Surcar Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Citadel of T'illke Natural Cave 13
The Khurkon Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Caernar Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Rleshke Lode Mine 8
The Drurock Web Spider Nest 8
Chalpar's Hold Mine 10
The Citadel of Rhoct Prison 12