Daggerfall:Key Controls

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This table shows the default keys that are used by the game. One can change almost all keys in the option menu under the control section. Changing the attack key to anything but the second mouse button will cause troubles, so players are advised to stick with the default.

Daggerfall Key Controls

Default Keys
Movements Key
Forward Up
Reverse Down
Turn Left Left
Slide Left LShift
Turn Right Right
Slide Right RShift
Float Up (Levitating, Swimming) Pg Up
Float Down (Levitating, Swimming) Pg Dn
Jump J
Crouch D
Slide Ctrl
Run P
Combat Key
Cast Spell Backspace
Recast Spell Q
Abort Spell E
Use magical item or potion U
Ready Weapon A
Swing Weapon Hold down second mouse button and move the mouse
Switch Hand S
Player Actions Key
Steal Mode F1
Grab Mode F2
Information Mode F3
Dialogue Mode F4
Character Sheet F5
Inventory F6
Status I
Rest R
Journal L
Notebook N
Travel Key
Automap M
Travelmap W
Transport Mode T
Views and Interaction Key
Activate Center Object Space
Activate Cursor Enter
Look Up Ins
Look Down Del
Center View (when in cursor mode) Home
Look Around (when in cursor mode) Alt + move mouse
Gameplay Key
Game Options Esc
Toggle Full Screen F10
Return to Last Known Point (Escape the Void) Alt + F11
DosBox Commands Default Keys
Quit DosBox Ctrl + F9
Toggle Full Screen/Window Mode Alt + Enter

For a more complete list of keys see http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Special_Keys.

Alternate way to run the game: Type fall z.cfg at the DOS-Prompt in the DAGGER directory

Recommended Non-Default Key Controls

The following non-default controls will make the game play more like later Elder Scrolls games.

Action Key
Look Up End
Run Ins
Activate Center Object M3 (Mouse center click)
Mouse Control Change to "View" and increase sensitivity

Note: You must mess with controls to get cheats to work when running DosBox (see here).