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CAUTION: This article is writen from the point of view of thedoctor44, and thus may not be of the quality expected from someone who is sane.

Thedoctor44 is a Morrowind and Oblivion player. He joined the Elder Scrolls series in July 2003, when he first purchased a copy of Morrowind along with an X-Box. Shortly after a love of roleplaying was sparked by the game, he became a member of a forum-based RPG. On December 31st 2003, he registered for the official Elder Scrolls forums. He made one or two posts asking for help before vanishing.

In 2006, thedoctor44 returned to the Elder Scrolls community. In the beginning, he remained primarily in the Morrowind section but is now most active in the Oblivion section (specificaly Oblivion General). He still makes regular posts in the Morrowind forums however, and haunts Community Discussion on occasion. He can be found on the official forums nearly every day, and has previously been told by PM "the rumor has it you are expert in Morrowind". He is, alike many regular posters, one of the more well known members due to his daily posting.

Thedoctor44 is availible virtually every day (weekdays after 4:00pm usually) and will gladly over help with issues relating to either Oblivion or Morrowind. He may be contacted via his discussion page, e-mail (ptrcancer@yahoo.co.uk) or by PM on the official forums.

For roughly the past four years, thedoctor44 has been administrating and moderating forums. He is currently working at a new X-Box 360 forum, helping the owner in the process of formating and creating the board.