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About Me

Greetings and salutations!

I tend to go by my online handle Sedrethi (sometimes simply as Sed or Seddy). While I've only been a registered user to the UESP for a few years, I have actually been using this wonderful wiki since 2008~2009, around the time I was formally introduced to The Elder Scrolls game series.

My adventure began with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which provided me with numerous hours of amusement with its open-world exploration and ample amounts of lore. Craving more of the lore, especially since my first character in Oblivion was a Dunmer and I was curious about their culture, I opted to backtrack through the series. I found myself in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which offered a very unique and lore-driven experience (moreso than Oblivion) much to my delight, despite not aging well over the years graphically or gameplay-wise, sans mods.

Then came the agonizing wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which I felt lacked certain charms present in the previous iterations of the series, yet still provided me with great entertainment all the same. Currently, I adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited whenever time permits, and I've been captivated by the sheer amount of lore and entertainment that it has provided thus far.

As you've probably guessed by now, the Dunmer (and the Chimer by extension) are my favored race due to their rich lore and general uniqueness among the other races, followed by the enigmatic Ayleids and the Saxhleel. In general, I find most sects of Mer rather interesting as a whole. In regards to the Mannish races, I tend to favor the Cyrodiils and the ancient Yokudans.

If you so desire, feel free to message me on my talk page or whisper to me within Online via @Sedrethi (when I am actively playing it).

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My Characters

The Elder Scrolls Online

Ravyn Sedrethi

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Ravyn Sedrethi
Ravyn Sedrethi
Race Dunmer Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level VeteranVeteran Rank Class ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png
Other Information

AssassinationShadowSiphoningDestruction StaffDual WieldRestoration StaffLight ArmorVampirismMages GuildUndauntedAssaultSupport

Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact (First Sergeant), Hidden Armigers (Agent), Morag Tong (Knower), Great House Telvanni (Spellwright), Shad Astula (Student), College of Winterhold (Scholar), Mabrigash Tribe (Hearthfriend)

Ravyn Sedrethi was born on the 22nd of Last Seed under the sign of The Serpent, 2E 288, in the city of Stormhold, Argonia.

Being the heir apparent of the long-abolished House Sedrethi—former vassals of Great House Dres who were cast out for their false worship of The Three, Ravyn seeks to restore the House and reclaim his family's ancestral hold of Davon's Watch. The impoverished noble openly supports the Ebonheart Pact and condemns the enslavement of any and all Pact citizens, thus his founding of the Auric Lanterns. Many, however, view this as downplaying his family's past ties with House Dres, and as a way to appease Pact leaders for his own personal gain.

During Ravyn's free time, he rekindles his scholarly pursuits in unearthing ancient knowledge pertaining to the mysterious Ayleid civilization. He tends to pride himself as the "Divayth Fyr of Ayleid history", and often references works by the late Sage Tjurhane Fyrre. He holds the insights of Beredalmo the Signifier and Lady Cinnabar of Taneth in the highest regard, and meets regularly with his research colleagues Brelynd Verano, Neeja-Meen, and Vyctoria Girien to purchase Ayleid relics, such as Aetherial fragments. He is fluent in Dunmeris and Tamrielic, while possessing some limited knowledge of Ayleidoon, Dwemeris, and Jel.

At times of worship, he pays his respects to the shrines of Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala, as well as to the altars of Saint Veloth, Saint Nerevar, and to his ancestors at his family's own ancestral tomb. On rare occasions, Ravyn will also reach out to other Daedra Lords, such as Clavicus Vile, Hermaeus Mora, Nocturnal, and Sanguine. Ravyn acknowledges the trickster Lorkhan and his test, while he expresses bitter indifference towards the Almsivi, personally noting both their noble and treacherous exploits. He loathes the Four Corners of the House of Troubles and, in agreeance with Lamae Bal, despises Molag Bal in particular.

Over the centuries, Ravyn has earned several noms de guerre, with examples being the Fire Fern, Racer's Eye, and to a select and unfortunate few as Ravyn the Ravenous. His House's words are: I am that is, always was, and always shall be. He harbors a deep-seated disdain for all Khajiit due to encounters with Renrijra scum, Skooma-traffickers, and a bloody uprising instigated by rebellious laborers on his family's old plantation. Ravyn travels alongside his guardian and paramour, Aerinwen Anutwyll, as well as his "adopted" apprentice, Hulaava-Jei. His pet Dwemer Spider Spindly is animated by a soul gem containing the essence of Ravyn's previous pet, Stripes the guar. His trusty mount is the reanimated framework of the very same guar.

Aerinwen Anutwyll

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Aerinwen Anutwyll
Aerinwen Anutwyll
Race Bosmer Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level VeteranVeteran Rank Class ON-icon-class-Nightblade.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact (Veteran), Hidden Armigers (Agent), Morag Tong (Thinker), Great House Telvanni (Lawman), Vinedusk Rangers (Assassin), Valenwood Hounds (Tracker)

Aerinwen Anutwyll was born on the 5th of Second Seed under the sign of The Shadow, 2E 305, in the city of Elden Root, Valenwood.

Aerinwen is the daughter of Ceyrondil Anutwyll, one of the last known Ayleid survivals of the early Second Era, and Indrawen Brightarbor, a priestess and historian. Both were survivors of the Gilverdale catastrophe, however the couple would succumb to lingering maladies attributed to the assault much later in life. Being the youngest child of four, her three brothers struggled to provide for her as they each adjusted to life in The Middens of Elden Root.

Inspired by her mother's adherence to the Green and her way with words, Aerinwen became a stalwart of the Treaty of Frond and Leaf. Because of this, her enlistment under the Vinedusk Rangers was short-lived, as she was appalled by their "any means necessary" mindset with the faction's disregard for the strictest tenet of the Valenwood. This ultimately reunited Aerinwen with her brothers as she pledged her own support to the Blacksap Movement. While Aerinwen is proud of her Bosmeri heritage, her diluted Ayleid ancestry has piqued her interest, and much of her time is spent on thoroughly exploring ancient Ayleid sites for any clues pertaining to the Anutwyll clan. In doing so, she became acquainted with Brelynd Verano and Ravyn Sedrethi.

Aerinwen worships a number of et'Ada spanning from the various pantheons. Chiefly, she venerates Hircine for her gift and Y'ffre for her form, but also worships Nocturnal, Baan Dar, Jone and Jode, and Z'en. Every so often, she may request the assistance of other Daedric Princes, such as Clavicus Vile, Herma-Mora, Namira, and Sanguine. Although she does not worship Mephala, by being a member of the Morag Tong, Aerinwen does her best to appease the Webspinner. She despises the the Khajiiti trickster god Rajhin as well as the Lord of Brutality and the various cults dedicated to that very demon, such as the Shadowed Path and Stonefire Cult.

Due to the direct involvement in Gilverdale's ruin by Dro'Zel, the Mad King of Senchal's past, in addition to her bloody encounters against the Duneguard Outwalkers and Renrijra scum during her tenure in the Vinedusk Rangers, Aerinwen has developed a particular disdain for the Khajiit. She travels alongside her lover, the "Silvenar to her Green Lady", Ravyn Sedrethi, as well as as her confidant, Hulaava-Jei. Her free time is spent on honing her craft in the Rite of Theft, among other disreputable Bosmeri activities. She used to partake in bugsmoking, the cause of the slight rasp in her voice, but has since abstained from it for decades still counting, for which she is proud of.


 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Race Saxhleel Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level VeteranVeteran Rank Class ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact (Tyro), Great House Telvanni (Retainer)

Hulaava-Jei, also known as Hides-His-Name, was hatched on the 4th of Sun's Height under the sign of The Apprentice, 2E 560, in the city of Tear, Morrowind.

Plucked from his nest in the Hatching Pools of Shadowfen by House Dres slavers, Hides-His-Name was brought to the slave-pens of Tear, where he was promptly put into irons upon his day of hatching. Raised alongside his siblings-in-shackles, he knew of his parents only through a memento left to him—a piece of parchment stained with blood and bogwater, partly illegible, detailing what he would have been named on his Naming Day: Hulaava-Jei.

Dealt a blessing in disguise, Hulaava-Jei observed as a gathering of Great House Telvanni mages urged one of their own to purchase chattel. The mage in question reluctantly chose the remaining Argonian of the yoke, not as a slave, but as an apprentice. Though his training was arduous and frustrating, it greatly attuned Hulaava-Jei to his peoples' natural affinity towards Blood Magic, adding to his growing arcane repertoire. Throughout his adolescence, Hulaava-Jei admired the Tree-Minders of the Black Marsh, but lamented over his diminished connection to the Hist trees. It is his greatest desire to watch over the Hist, and to defend the Hatching Pools from any slavers and egg-traffickers. Furthermore, he wishes to outlaw the subjugation of his people, and it was he who inspired the formation of the Auric Lanterns to his mentor, to liberate Pact citizens from the yoke of their enemies.

As with many Argonians, Hulaava-Jei does not worship any form of deity, however he pays respect to his makers, the Hist, despite his weakened link to them. Likewise, as the Hist does, Hulaava-Jei acknowledges the primordial chaos and shadow that is the Void, Sithis, however he is in opposition to the recruitment of Shadowscales, likening it to the methods of House Dres slavers plucking Argonian youths from their nests. In times of desperation, he may rally the aid of the Daedric Princes, particularly Azura, Clavicus Vile, Hermaeus Mora, Namira, Nocturnal, Peryite, and Sanguine. He strongly opposes the Harvester of Souls for separting many of his egg-siblings from the Hist.

In order to forever protect the Hist and its link to his people, Hulaava-Jei offered himself to be sired by his "adoptive" mentor, thus becoming an immortal fledgling. With his mastery of Conjuration and shamanistic Blood Magic, Hulaava-Jei has tethered his own soul to that of his soulmate's, Rozera, his Winged Twilight companion. He travels alongside his mentor, Ravyn Sedrethi, as well as his confidant, Aerinwen Anutwyll. He has an unusual habit of chewing and tasting twigs, and can often be seen with one protruding from the side of his lips, partly tucked in his cheek.

Umbarion Sinyaramil

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Umbarion Sinyaramil
Umbarion Sinyaramil
Race Altmer Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level VeteranVeteran Rank Class ON-icon-class-Templar.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact (Sergeant), Great House Hlaalu (Lawman), Shadow Legion (Battlemage), Order of the Lamp (Knight), Mages Guild (Conjurer)

Umbarion Sinyaramil was born on the 2nd of Sun's Dusk under the sign of The Atronach, 2E 303, in the city of Skywatch, Summerset Isles.

From a young age, Umbarion demonstrated great potential in the pursuits of study and magic, striving to become a Sapiarch of Mythohistory as his parents were. Rising through the ranks of the Mages Guild of Firsthold and knighted under the prestigious Order of the Lamp, it was only then that Umbarion began to recognize just how cloistered the Summerset Isles chose to be from the rest of Tamriel, starving itself from the discoveries and insights of the other provinces. This realization sparked an ember of wanderlust inside of him.

Rather than furthering his studies at the Crystal-Like-Law, as most conventional students aspiring to become Sapiarchs would, Umbarion set off en voyage to mainland Tamriel, settling in the city of Anvil, Cyrodiil, where he transferred to the local Mages Guild branch. Many decades later, Umbarion enlisted with the Imperial Legion, eventually relocating to the Imperial City where he was stationed at the Arcane University, accompanied by his newly-assigned tyro. The histories and struggles of the the Ayleids and the Nedic tribes is a subject that he holds tremendous interest in, often leading him to delves spanning from the Colovian Highlands to the Nibenay Basin during legion expeditions.

Like the Altmer of Summerset, Umbarion holds true to his faith in the Altmeri Aedra, chiefly venerating Auri-El, Magnus, Stendarr, Trinimac, and Xarxes, but also Jephre, Mara, Phynaster, Syrabane, and Xen. Although he does not worship any of the Daedra Lords, he does find that Azura and Meridia tend to be much more benevolent towards mortals. Over the course of the Interregnum, widespread worship of Molag Bal amongst the Imperials, in addition to the subsequent expulsion of the Mages Guild in favor of the Worm Cult, discouraged Umbarion from waving the Imperial banner any longer.

On his travels through the Valus Mountains, he was assaulted by a vampire of the Aundae Clan, and contracted Porphyric Hemophilia. As he struggled with adjusting to his acquired sunlight vulnerability, he became acquainted with Ravyn Sedrethi, who shepherded Umbarion to the Blood Matron where the Rite of the Scion transformed him into a pure-blooded kindred. He travels alongside his lover and former legionnaire tyro, Viatrix Auria. Very few are aware of his beautiful singing voice, and even fewer are aware of his bawdy scribblings.

Viatrix Auria

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Viatrix Auria
Viatrix Auria
Race Colovian Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level ON-icon-Normal.png Non-Veteran Class ON-icon-class-Templar.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact (Corporal), Great House Hlaalu (Kinsman), Shadow Legion (Battlemage), Gold Coast Mercenaries (Courier) Forebears (Supporter)

Viatrix Auria was born on the 12th of Last Seed, 2E 553 under the sign of The Warrior, in the city of Hegathe, Hammerfell.

Brought up along the Abecean coast, the young maiden admired the "Blood Queen" of Hegathe for her relentless ambition, which instilled within Viatrix a disciplined militant mindset from an early age. Despite her father's urging for her to remain supportive to the Crowns' cause, Viatrix shifted towards a more cosmopolitan view, like her mother's, which saw her championing the cause of the Forebears instead.

Upon the death of her mother, Vittoria, under questionable circumstances, she accused her father of the tragic betrayal by attributing it to their opposing views, but also due to her discovery of his sinister past. Fearing for her own life being taken from her at the hands of her father, Viatrix fled the city at nightfall, journeying along the Gold Coast under the protection of a mercenary organization. In Anvil, she enlisted under the Imperial Legion and was soon assigned to a Legionary instructor, who she followed to the Imperial City. Her desire was to one day see Tamriel united as a whole, much like the in days of the All Flags Navy in their efforts to put an end to the Thrassian Plague, but under the banner of the Empire. However, she now has doubts on whether the Empire truly brings order into the other provinces, or if it oppresses them.

Viatrix is a steadfast believer in the Eight of the Forebears, and primarily worships Saint Leki and Stendarr, but also expresses reverence towards Akatosh, Dibella, Julianos, Morwha, Tava, Tu'whacca, and Zeht. With the Longhouse Emperors and House Tharn in command, along with the rise of the mind-shriven Legion Zero, acceptance of foul Daedra worship has become commonplace amongst Cyrodiils, much to Viatrix' dismay. She has since deserted the husk of the former Imperial Legion that she once fought proudly for.

Having her doubts in the current state of the Empire, and against the revival of Elven dominance under the Aldmeri Dominion or the restoration of a doomed Empire under the petty nobles of the Daggerfall Covenant, Viatrix has aligned herself with the Ebonheart Pact. She believes the alliance to be a proven union of Man, Mer, and Beastfolk that together routed an Akaviri threat to Tamriel, thereby having the most deserving claim to the Ruby Throne. Viatrix travels alongside her lover and former legionnaire instructor, Umbarion Sinyaramil. She is very gifted in various crafts, showing expertise as a blacksmith, carpenter, and seamstress.

Shura gro-Ushar

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Shura gro-Ushar
Shura gro-Ushar
Race Wood Orc Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (banner).png
Level ON-icon-Normal.png Non-Veteran Class ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Shura gro-Ushar was born on the the 14th of Midyear, 2E 483 under the sign of The Steed, in the town of Bloodtoil Valley, Valenwood.

While carrying her son in utero, Ushar gra-Urzoth had slain her disgraceful and unworthy husband in honorable combat for his outright disregard of the Code of Malacath. Her swift and brutal victory brought great honor to her clan, which secured the future of her son.

Strong, agile, and resourceful with his mother's guidance, Shura indeed proved an excellent Drublog warrior and hunter, well-adapted to the forests of the Valenwood.

(Work-in-progress — awaiting inspiration from the lore included in the Orsinium DLC)

Azani at-Zahir

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Azani at-Zahir
Azani at-Zahir
Race Redguard Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (banner).png
Level ON-icon-Normal.png Non-Veteran Class ON-icon-class-Dragonknight.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant (Corporal), House Dorell (Retainer), Dark Brotherhood (Executioner), Crowns (Supporter)

Azani at-Zahir was born on the 28th of Last Seed, 2E 535 under the sign of The Warrior, in the city of Bergama, Hammerfell.

Being a child of Bergama, a city fiercely devoted to the Crowns, Azani proudly preserved his peoples' ancient Yokudan culture and customs while opposing the ideals of the Forebears. His parents, both supporters of the Crowns initially, had defected to the Forebears during the various coups between the rival factions vying for political control. As he witnessed the execution of his parents, disgraced by their betrayal, Azani vowed to rid every last Forebear infidel from Hammerfell while discarding his family name, at-Zahir, in favor of the title of the Resolute.

Over the course of his life, Azani adopted a terrifying reputation as a skilled warrior, slaying numerous Forebear leaders. Later in life, he met a Colovian maiden by the name of Vittoria Auria, with whom he consorted with and bored a daughter. Following two decades of peaceful life with his family, a rogue Forebear invaded their abode and murdered Vittoria while failing to take Azani's life. Learning of her mother's murder, Viatrix fled from Hammerfell after blaming Azani for his past atrocities against the Forebears. Without his family of past and present, Azani, fueled only by his anger and regret, finally cast off his Crown membership. Now in service to the Daggerfall Covenant, and carrying his family name of at-Zahir once again, he wishes only to unify all of Hammerfall while attempting to redeem himself in his remaining years.

Although he firmly believes in The Eight of the Crowns, the veneration of Morwha, Onsi, Ruptga, Satakal, Tava, Tu'whacca, and Zeht, Azani chiefly worships the HoonDing as well as his avatars, Frandar Hunding and Diagna, while also paying his respects to Saint Leki and Divad Hunding. He greatly admires the Ansei and their study of the Shehai Shen She Ru, and always carries his copy of The Book of Circles to draw profound insights from, such as his favorite quote: "Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory."

As a father, Azani was overjoyed with raising his daughter and training her in the Words of the Masters, admiring her tenacity and ambition that was inspired by stories he read to her of Queen Arlimahera. It brough him great sorrow when Viatrix had taken up the cause of the Forebears, much like his parents before, but it wounded him more that she ran away believing that her mother's death was by his hands.

Padraic Seathanach

 Skyrim-Box-TL.gif Skyrim-Box-TR.gif Skyrim-Box-BL.gif Skyrim-Box-BR.gif
Padraic Seathanach
Padraic Seathanach
Race Reachman Allegiance ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (banner).png
Level ON-icon-Normal.png Non-Veteran Class ON-icon-class-Sorcerer.png
Other Information
Skills Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Padraic Seathanach was born on the 16th of Evening Star, 2E 551 under the sign of The Thief, in the Western Reach of High Rock.

(Work-in-progress — awaiting inspiration from the lore of future content that involves the rest of the Summerset Isles as well as the Sload and/or Thras)

My ESO Guild

The Auric Lanterns

  • Server: North America
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Leader: @Sedrethi
  • Officers: @Mohkia (sometimes takes over for Leader duties), @valden83 (aka Vanryth)
  • Purpose: The Auric Lanterns is a casual Elder Scrolls themed role-playing guild, but also a place to organize parties for questing and exploring, to discuss Elder Scrolls games past and present, and/or to chit-chat and make friends. Our backstory is that we are the Second Era predecessors to the Twin Lamps faction of Morrowind, however our efforts are less diplomatic and much more far-reaching. We fight to liberate Ebonheart Pact citizens from the yoke of our enemies, the Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant, as well as from the clutches of the unspeakable Harvester of Souls. The fate of imprisoned enemies is of little to no concern to us. Blood for the Pact!
  • Notice: Due to a few offhand comments being wrongly perceived as derogatory towards non-Dunmer, rumors suggest founder Ravyn Sedrethi is using the guild's objective as a cover—to what end?—in order to appease Ebonheart Pact leaders. Please, pay no mind to this guarwash.
  • Heraldry: Black & gold on Pointed type 2 (Dunmeri motif), red on Architecture type 6 (Dunmeri tower). The black field represents the night, while the gold trimmings and filigrees depict the guiding auric light tracing over shadows. The red tower symbolizes the lantern, burning blood red for the Ebonheart Pact.
  • Enlistment: If you'd like an invitation into our ranks, feel free to send a chat whisper (/w) and/or a mailed letter in-game to a Leader or Officer. Make sure to tell us about yourself and why you'd like to enlist.
  • Ranks:
Rank Permissions Notes
Grandmaster (1) Same permissions as Councilman, plus: • Withdraw Gold from Guild Bank. Considered equal to the Councilman, but separate due to gameplay limitations (cannot assign more than one player to the guild leader's rank).
Councilman (4) Same permissions as Herald, plus: • Release Alliance Resources, • Edit About Us, • Promote Members, • Demote Members, • Remove Members. Four founding or senior members can request to be promoted to Councilman, meant to be equal in rank to the Grandmaster.
Herald (5) Same permissions as Kinsman, plus: • Talk in Officer Chat, • Read Officer Chat, • Edit Message of the Day, • Edit Member Notes. Five Kinsman can request to be promoted to vacant Herald positions, who relay messages to and from the Grandmaster/Councilmen should the latter be busy or unavailable.
Kinsman Same permissions as Lawman, plus: • Withdraw from Guild Bank. Activity, sociability, and common courtesy promotes you to this rank.
Lawman Same permissions as Oathman, plus: • Deposit in Guild Bank. Activity, sociability, and common courtesy promotes you to this rank.
Oathman Same permissions as Retainer, plus: • Sell in Guild Store, • Hire Guild Traders. Activity, sociability, and common courtesy promotes you to this rank.
Retainer Same permissions as Hireling, plus: • Claim Alliance Resources, • Invite Members. Activity, sociability, and common courtesy promotes you to this rank.
Hireling Allowed to: • Talk in Guild Chat, • Read Member Notes. All new recruits begin as this rank.