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Hiya. I'm Scumbag.

The Name

Really, it's a long and boring story. I was playing a game with some friends, and I always quit when I was about to lose. Well, eventually they came up with the idea of calling me Scumbag to get me to stop quitting. As I got better at the game, I finally didn't have to quit, because I didn't lose.

When they told me that my 'punishment' was over, I shrugged my shoulders and told them that I didn't care if they called me that. The word 'scumbag' and the title of 'Scumbag' were different.

I have close, long-term friends that either don't know my real name, or have to think for a considerable time to remember it. If we were to Elder Scrolls-ize it, the title of Scumbag is my own personal Grey Cowl, pre-Thieves Guild curse-breaking. I've donned the Title, and I am known by the Title.

TES-Related Quirks

  • As with most gamers (you know, all the ones that don't spend their days on the internet), I play roleplaying games primarilly as a direct combat character. My characters, however, always have alchemy as a primary skill.
  • Because of the above, I feel most of the levelling issues some fans have to be completely and utterly baseless. If you're playing a character that can't handle the scaling, you're playing a character that didn't level up his/her direct combat skills to match the enemies. This is why I will not use OOO, but also because it's a Mod Dump - a mod that includes too much random crap to be of any use to anyone.
  • Despite the above, I do use Adventurers: Oblivion [1]. I don't like some parts in it - armors above Dwemer not being around, crappy-ass potions - but it's a lot better than OOO will ever be.

What I'll edit

Honestly, likely little. But who knows?

More to come. If I'm bored.


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