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Home City Raven Rock
House Morvayn Manor
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 15 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 238 Magicka 50
Faction(s) Adril and Cindiri Arano's Shared Faction; DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction; Raven Rock Morvayn Manor Faction
Adril Arano approaching the Northern Maiden

Adril Arano is the Dunmer who greets you when you arrive at Raven Rock for the first time. As Second Councilor of Raven Rock, he is the dedicated servant of Councilor Morvayn, House Redoran's representative and ruler of Solstheim. His duties are to support Morvayn, ensure his rule is enforced, and to take responsibility for the security of Raven Rock. Adril's wife is Cindiri.

Though married, he sleeps in a single bed in Councilor Morvayn's chambers within Morvayn Manor. He has breakfast with Morvayn and Cindiri in the manor, then takes a seat by the Councilor until 1pm. He then walks around Raven Rock's town square until 5pm, when he returns to his seat by Morvayn. He and his wife leave again at 8pm and they have dinner at the Retching Netch until midnight.

Adril is wearing some fine clothes and a pair of fine boots, and he carries an elven dagger, a key to Morvayn Manor, and a selection of upper class items and gold.

When you meet him for the first time upon arriving in Raven Rock, he approach you and sternly say, "I don't recognize you, so I'll assume this is your first visit to Raven Rock, outlander. State your intentions." Depending on quest actions, you are given two or three options to reply to him. If you have already started the quest Dragonborn, you can ask him if he knows someone named Miraak, to which he will reply, "Miraak... I... I'm not sure that I do." Regardless of quest actions, another dialogue option is to tell him you are just looking for work. He'll respond, "You've picked one of the worst places in Morrowind to do that, but suit yourself." A third option is to tell him to mind his own business, which will result in the response, "That's the kind of attitude that's going to land you in prison, but I'll let it go for now." Regardless of which option you choose, he finishes with, "Just remember, Raven Rock is sovereign territory of House Redoran. This is Morrowind, not Skyrim. While you're here you will be expected to abide by our laws." He'll then turn to Gjalund Salt-Sage and have the following conversation:

Adril: "I was starting to wonder what happened to you."
Gjalund: "We, uh... we were delayed by bad weather. Before you even ask... yes, I have the supplies you requested. But..."
Adril: "But what?"
Gjalund: "This load cost me double what we had agreed on. Nothing I can do about it."
Adril: "Damn it, Gjalund. You know we don't have that much coin."
Gjalund: "Look, the East Empire Company didn't give me a choice. They've raised their prices again, and there's nothing I can do about it."
Adril: "After all these years, they're gouging us for every last drake we have. Let me talk to Lleril. I'll see what we can do."
Gjalund: "All right, Adril. Don't worry about rushing it. Just pay me when you can."

When greeted he'll say: "Your visit here will be tolerated as long as you abide by our laws, otherwise you'll answer to the Redoran Guard.", "I've sworn to keep Councilor Morvayn safe, and I intend to take that oath to the grave if need be.", and "Most exiled dark elves call Vvardenfell their home. I call Raven Rock our home... may it last a thousand years." Once you reopened the mines, he'll say: "I can't thank you enough for reopening the ebony mines. You've brought light to the darkness, my friend." If you've stopped the ash spawn attacks, he'll tell you: "Assisting the Redoran Guard with the ash spawn attacks has earned you quite the reputation here. Keep it up."

He can be questioned about a few other topics if spoken to after this initial meeting. Asking if Raven Rock is purely a Dunmer settlement will have him explain: "Raven Rock started out as an Imperial settlement, but the Empire decided to abandon it just as my people were first setting foot here. They left the town a shambles... but when House Redoran took over, we turned it around and it became ours. And even if it's been a struggle to make this island livable, we're proud to call it home." Inquiring about why he is so suspicious of visitors, he reveals: "I have to be. As Second Councilor, the security of Raven Rock is my primary concern." Asking him if security has been an issue will cause him to explains further: "This isn't exactly the city of Blacklight. We're on the frontier out here, and we've had more than a fair share of troubles. After all we've been through together, I refuse to let Councilor Morvayn down." Questioning about what his titles mean, he says, "Councilor Morvayn is House Redoran's representative on Solstheim. As second councilor, it's my job to support him and make certain his rule is enforced." When asked about the city of Blacklight, he explains: "Your ignorance of our homeland doesn't surprise me. It's the capital of Morrowind... been that way ever since Mournhold was sacked by the Argonians. I don't visit there often anymore, but we still get the occasional supply ship and visitors from there." You can now ask about the Argonian invasion: "Quite a while ago, yes. They cut a bloody swath across most of the southern region of Morrowind. Nobody seems certain why it happened... an attempt at expansion, revenge for the enslavement of their people or perhaps both. Whatever the case may be, thousands of Dunmer needlessly lost their lives and many more were exiled from their homeland." If you are a Dunmer however, he will instead just say: "How can you have Dunmer blood in your veins and have no knowledge of Blacklight." Asking him about Miraak again will prompt him to say: "I... I'm unsure. I swear I know the name, but cannot place it." Pressing him further he reveals: "I don't think so. I'm not... The name has something to do with the Earth Stone, I think. But I'm not sure what." If you ask him what's being built around the Earth Stone, he'll be dazed: "That? It's... Well, it's a shrine for... something. I'm not sure what." Asking for more will have him say: "Yes, I... I'm not sure what to say. Did we build that? I really don't remember." If you ask him to be Neloth's steward, he'll decline: "I'm perfectly content with my current position." When exiting conversation, he'll say: "Remember, we're watching you."

Related Quests

Served Cold

When you approach him saying you were sent by Captain Veleth, he'll say: "Thank you for coming. After everything you've already done for Raven Rock, I hate to ask for more but I can't risk Councilor Morvayn being killed." You can now ask how he's in danger: "The Ulen Family of House Hlaalu, a rival Great House, has placed a deathmark on the councilor's head." When you ask why the Ulens would want Councilor Morvayn dead, he'll say: "It's a private matter. Let's just say they seek revenge for the execution of one of their own... ordered by Councilor Morvayn himself. The problem is I don't have any solid proof that anyone from House Hlaalu is hidden among us... only my suspicions." You'll now have three options:

Your concern seems justified. "It may be justified, but it certainly isn't appreciated. Councilor Morvayn simply feels that I'm being paranoid."

You sound paranoid. "As second councilor, it's my responsibility to explore the possibility of any threat, no matter how paranoid it might seem."

He ordered the execution. It's on his head... not yours. "Now that's just ridiculous! As second councilor, it's my responsibility to protect Councilor Morvayn from harm."

Either way, he'll then say: "I'm afraid that one day I'll awaken and discover him dead, and I don't want it to come to that." You can now ask if he feels an attack on the Councilor is approaching, to which he'll tell you: "I do. I've received some information from my sources that there could be elements of Ulen's house, House Hlaalu, already in Raven Rock." When you ask why hasn't he acted on the tip, he'll explain: "Raven Rock is a small settlement, so it's hard to accomplish anything in secret. If any of them is from House Hlaalu, I wouldn't be able to make a move without them knowing." You'll now have a few options:

How can I help? "I had a feeling you'd be willing to listen to me."

What will you do? "Summoning you here was part of my plan. I was hoping you'd be interested in investigating for me."

Well, good luck with that. "Before you dismiss this entirely, I was hoping you might be able to lend a hand by investigating on the councilor's behalf."

If you chose one of the last two options you can now either tell him you would prefer to stay out of things: "Without Councilor Morvayn, Raven Rock has no future. Keep that in mind next time you decide to help or not." or you can ask how you help, granting the same response as above. If you decline his offer, he will be gloomy when saying goodbye: "I hope Councilor Morvayn will still be alive when you decide to return." If you greet him after turning down his offer, he'll plead for you the reconsider: "I hope you've reconsidered helping us. Councilor Morvayn's life may be depending on it." You can now either tell him you would prefer not to get involved, granting the same response as above or agree to help: "I'm pleased you've reconsidered." Whenever to offer to help, you can then follow up by asking where you should begin your investigation: "I need you to start out by being my eyes and ears... search Raven Rock and see if you can root out these traitors. The best place to start would be Geldis Sadri over at the Retching Netch Cornerclub. If he provides you any leads, check them out before bringing them to my attention. I can't afford to make any mistakes." You can now follow up with a few questions:

Your Dialogue Adril's Reply
Topic 1: Adril's Sources
You mentioned your "sources?" "I maintain a few contacts in other Dunmer settlements across Tamriel. Most hail from House Redoran, but there are a few from other houses."
Why don't you ask them to investigate? "Most of my contacts live leagues away from Solstheim. Sending the occasional message back and forth is all we can manage, and sometimes takes months or more to arrive. However, any information we can glean in times like this I consider vital to House Redoran's survival."
Topic 2: House Hlaalu
What can you tell me about House Hlaalu? "Traitors. The lot of them. Their collaboration with the Empire may have given them unrivaled political and economic strength, but their hearts weren't with the Dunmer people."
I presume that was their downfall. "Hlaalu deserved every bit of the hatred they received once the Empire released its grasp on Morrowind. Having past ties to the Empire immediately turned them into the scapegoat for the Dunmer people's suffering."
What happened to House Hlaalu as a result? "They had welcomed the Empire with open arms, and benefited from it. When everything was said and done, they were no longer recognized as a Great House and were dismissed from the Council."
Topic 3: The Empire
Why do the Dunmer hate the Empire? "During the Oblivion Crisis, gates to the plane of Oblivion opened all over Morrowind. The Empire pulled most of its forces out of Morrowind to deal with the gates in their own homeland, leaving us virtually defenseless. We had no standing army at the time, just uncoordinated pockets of resistance."
How did the Dunmer survive this at all? "House Redoran took charge and was slowly able to build an army. It took years, but it became a force to be reckoned with. When the Argonians invaded years later, House Redoran's army was able to prevent them from sweeping across all of Morrowind. It would be fair to say that House Redoran literally saved the Dunmer people from destruction."

Once you exit conversation, he will assure you: "Don't worry, you can trust Geldis. He's been with us for a long time."

When you return, he'll inquire: "I hope Geldis proved useful. Have you made any progress?" Upon hearing that you believe Tilisu Severin is the culprit, he will be unsure: "Tilisu? Are you sure?" You can now tell him you saw her at the Ulen Ancestral Tomb: "So Geldis's [sic] plan worked, eh? Everytime [sic] we tried it, no one would ever show up. If Tilisu's involved in any sort of plot to harm Councilor Morvayn, I'm going to need hard evidence to prove it." You can then recommend to search Severin Manor: "I'm not kicking down anyone's door until I have solid evidence in hand. If you're wrong about Tilisu, things would quickly go downhill around here and the real culprits might slip away. I can't afford for that to happen." When you ask about if you are attacked, he'll tell you: "If you have the evidence and it places your life in peril, I would expect you to do whatever you must to keep yourself alive. Here, this key should open the front door of the manor in case they've locked it. Good luck." Once again, you may ask him some questions:

Your Dialogue Adril's Reply
Topic 1: Ulen Ancestral Tomb
Why do the Ulens have a tomb in Raven Rock? "Vilur Ulen wasn't the first Ulen to live in Raven Rock. His father, Valin Ulen, was one of the first Dunmer to settle here. Unlike his son Vilur, Valin was a good man. He contributed to the community and was quite respected. When Valin died, his family provided the funds to construct the tomb."
But you told me House Hlaalu was disliked. "The Ulen family being a part of House Hlaalu didn't matter. It's Dunmer tradition for the ashes of the deceased to be placed in an ancestral tomb. Valin Ulen and his son's remains were both laid to rest there because that's what he'd requested."
Topic 2: Severin family
Can you tell me more about the Severin family? "Tilisu is wife to the family patriarch, Vendil. They have a single child, a daughter named Mirri. They arrived here ten years ago, and have been nothing but a benefit to Raven Rock ever since."
A benefit? How? "They're quite wealthy and they've been quite generous by sharing their fortune with the community. They've contributed coin, food, supplies... even helped repair a few of the buildings in town with their own hands."
Nothing unusual about them at all? "People have mentioned it's a bit odd about how close in age Mirri appears to be to her father, but that's hardly a cause for alarm. Just make sure that you find solid evidence. If I accuse them without it, I'll be the laughingstock of the colony."

Adril: "Excuse me, Councilor Morvayn? I have some wonderful news."
Lleril: "Adril... I haven't seen a smile on your face like that in a long time."
Adril: "This visitor has single-handedly dealt with a threat that could have ended your life. Vendil, Tilisu and Mirri Severin weren't who they appeared to be. I'm afraid they were here to avenge Vilur Ulen's death."
Lleril: "Vendil? But he's done so much for Raven Rock... how could this be possible?"
Adril: "They did it to gain our confidence, councilor. They had us all fooled. I should have been more vigilant. I'm sorry."
Lleril: "Don't say that. It's not your fault, old friend."

Combat Dialogue

Condition Dialogue
Detecting an enemy "Something's wrong..." "What's that?"
Spotting an enemy "And so it begins..." "You've made a fatal mistake!"
"You'll pay for your treachery!" "For Councilor Morvayn!"
Taunting an enemy "How dare you invade our territory!" "You've already lost!"
"Your remains will be hung from the Bulwark!"
Losing sight of an enemy "Where'd you go?" "Come back and fight me!"
Looking for an enemy "I'll find you eventually." "Going to hide, are you?"
"I may not be able to see you, but I can hear you." "Show yourself!"
Giving up the search "Must've run off." "No need to be worried, I suppose."
Defeating an enemy "I return you to the ash." "And so it ends."
"There was no other way it could end."
Accepting a yield "A wise decision."
Witnesses a crime "Have you taken leave of your senses?"
Witnesses a murder "Assassin! Assassin!"


Fethis: "Adril, a word please."
Adril: "Fethis, I'm quite busy at the moment..."
Fethis: "Why hasn't a Redoran Guard been posted at my shop like I've requested?"
Adril: "You and I both know we can't spare anyone right now. I don't care if you still have friends at the East Empire Company or not. They abandoned us long ago, so your contacts are meaningless here. That's it."

Veleth: "It's not looking good, is it?"
Adril: "I'm afraid not. If we don't do something soon, we may have to think about moving on."
Veleth: "My men have laid down their lives to keep Raven Rock safe. We've fought too hard to leave. We can't just let it all go."
Adril: "You're right, my friend. I just grow weary of the struggle."

Adril: "Anything to report, Captain Veleth?"
Veleth: "It's quiet for the moment."
Adril: "Something troubling you? I'd think you'd welcome a little peace and quiet."
Veleth: "Apologies, Adril. In my experience it's usually the quietest before the storm."

Adril: "Captain Veleth's mentioned how valuable you've become to the Redoran Guard. The Councilor and I appreciate your assistance."
Glover: "I'm glad to lend a hand."
Adril: "You must be using quite a bit of your raw materials repairing their weapons and armor. I'm sorry we can't compensate you."
Glover: "Not to worry, Adril. I'll recover my losses in due time."

Adril: "Geldis, I need to know if you've heard anything about House Hlaalu setting foot on the island."
Geldis: "I'm not holding back. If I knew something I wouldn't wait until you strolled in, I'd come find you."
Adril: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't bark at you like that."
Geldis: "You're doing your job, Adril. No one can fault you for that."

Vendil: "Good news, Adril. The next shipment from Windhelm should include the building supplies you requested."
Adril: "We'll finally be able to begin repairs on The Bulwark. Thank you."
Vendil: "If there's anything else I can do, just let me know."
Adril: "I hesitate to ask for anything else. Your family's done so much for us already."

Adril: "Is something amiss, Cindiri? I can sense your concern."
Cindri: "It's nothing."
Adril: "I'm going to be fine, my love. Captain Veleth would never allow anything to happen to us."
Cindri: "Perhaps that's reassuring enough for you, but it's something that still keeps me awake at night."

Cindri: "How much longer do you intend to serve as his shield, Adril?"
Adril: "The Redoran Council tasked me with keeping Lleril alive, which I've done without question for over a hundred years. He's the closest thing I've had to a brother, and we all owe him our lives. Am I to suddenly turn my back?"
Cindri: "I'm sorry, my love. It's this island... it's never felt the same since we left Vvardenfell. It's as though a part of me is missing."
Adril: "Every Dunmer left a piece of themselves behind when they departed our homeland. All we can do is make the most of what we have."

Adril: "Councilor, I'm afraid there's been another ash spawn attack at The Bulwark."
Lleril: "As if we didn't have enough to contend with already. How many did we lose this time?"
Adril: "Fortunately, none. Captain Veleth was able to drive them off almost single-handedly."
Lleril: "I don't know what we'd do without him. Send him my thanks."

Lleril: "Did you look over next month's expenses? Will we have enough?"
Adril: "No, Councilor. I'm afraid we're going to fall short once again."
Lleril: "Very well, cover the difference from my personal treasury."
Adril: "Your coffers are running low, Councilor. At this rate, your treasury will be empty by next winter."
Lleril: "It doesn't matter, Adril. I'm responsible for those people and I'll make whatever sacrifices are necessary to keep them alive."

Lleril: "Has Captain Veleth discovered anything yet?"
Adril: "No, Councilor. He's spoken to everyone in town... twice. If House Hlaalu has a spy in Raven Rock, he's hidden beyond our means to find him."
Lleril: "I understand, Adril. I know you're both doing your best."
Adril: "My primary concern is your safety, Councilor. I give you my word that no harm will befall you while I stand by your side."

Adril: "Any news from Vvardenfell, Councilor?"
Lleril: "I'm hearing that the Council will be staying in Blacklight permanently."
Adril: "Well of course, now that they're under House Redoran's protection, why would they want to go back to Mournhold?"
Lleril: "My thoughts exactly, my friend."


  • He was supposed to have a conversation with Elder Othreloth, but since Adril never visits the Temple, the conversation can never be heard:
Adril: "You wanted to speak to me, Elder?"
Othreloth: "I did indeed. When are you going to do something about our central Ancestral Tomb? I can't even go down there any longer. It's getting intolerable!"
Adril: "I'm sorry, Elder. I'm doing the best I can."
Othreloth: "I appreciate your problems, Adril, but I can't be expected to run a temple with those... things running around in there."
Adril: "With all due respect, those "things" aren't the only problem we have right now. Be patient, keep the door locked, and we'll get there when we can."
Othreloth: "Hmph. Very well. I'll just have to find someone else to assist us then."