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Information about me

Hi my name is Jesus Lover. Not really, my real name is Zach. i started using UESP a while back and enjoyed it. I beleive in helping people with problems like i have been helped over the years. I enjoy playing Morrowind and learn more about it every time i play or use the UESP. I love science and math and enjoy observing ants. anyways, i guess you know about me a little bit now. Morrowind is my favorite game and i love to help people. I cant stand when people harrass other members intentionally though, espessially when they do it continuously.

About Me Well, I am a christian. I am a firm beleiver in the Bible, and read it daily. I enjoy games like Paintball of course I enjoy the wiki, and I love morrowind. I am writing a book and a teaser summery will be out soon...maybe.

Wiki Information

Why I am Contributing

I enjoy Playing Morrowind and learning more about it. I also enjoy helping people. I think people should have just as much of a right as i have to enjoy morrowind and this wiki.

Mentor Status

Currently, the only person who has asked me for help is Somercy. I do not mind helping people out so if you want help, just ask. P.S. Please post request on my talk or Discussion page.

To do list

1-write more in my story

2-Get Oblivion

3-figure out more to put into my to do list.

My Morrowind Characters

None. I quit playing morrowind some time ago. I don't even have the game anymore.

My Oblivion Characters

Name Class Race Sex
Jon Troll Bosmer MaleIcon.png
Shadow Assassin Argonian FemaleIcon.png
Shieung-Wa Knight Asian FemaleIcon.png
Jorgan Necromancer Breton MaleIcon.png


Shadow- A black Argonian. She completed the main quest some time ago, and then joined the Dark Brotherhood. She became an Eliminator, and a vampire. When she became a Vampire, her skin turned from black to green'

Shieung-Wa- She was bornunto a very rich family, that was overthrown by the Septims. Her family has trapped in the Imperial prison for four-and-a-half eras. She was released by the emporer himself in a foolish attempt to escape some assassins that she herself hired. Afterwards, she joined the Dark Brotherhood, to quickly advance to the esteemed rank of Listener in the Black Hand. She has been a Vampire for ten years now, and never feeds. She hopes to oneday see the fall of the Empire and to bring forth the Shieung Empire with her Vampiric husband Vvladamir and their son Shieung-Tirbus.

Another character coming soon...

My Story

Didn't work out...

ES 5

Here is a poll i want to conduct. First off, I personally beleive that the next Elder Scrolls(ES) should be played in ALL of Nirn. Sure it would be a huge and incredibly long game, but it would give the players, even the more experianced ones such as myself, something to do for more than a few days and having to restart to finish the game again. I also beleive that you should be able to join any faction. Choose your homeland, and have new races. Also a Good Vs. Evil bar like in the Jade Empire or Knights of the Old Republic, and an alternate ending(s). anyways, thats all I can think of at the moment. Feal free to remark on it/add you oppinions/things you would like to see in the next game. --Jesus lover 23:04, 13 July 2007 (EDT)

Please post replies on my talk page.


I am testing my signature. GodisGood 23:41, 30 July 2008 (EDT)


Since my current sandbox is being used for advertisement for Jon's character's fanfiction, I will ask you to go to my second Sandbox. Thanks.