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Queen Damon/Jeb
Queen Damon/Jeb as seen in Tribunal
Raça Dunmer Gênero Female
Nascimento 2E 893
Residência Mournhold
Aparece em Daggerfall, Tribunal

Barenziah was Queen of Wayrest and Queen Mother of Morrowind. She was born in Morrowind in 2E 893 and, over time, became a legendary figure across Tamriel. Barenziah was the wife of Symmachus and King Eadwyre of High Rock. With Symmachus, she was the mother of King Hlaalu Helseth (in 3E 376), who was to become King of Morrowind in 3E 425, and Morgiah (in 3E 384). She had a third child with a bard called Nightingale, who was widely believed to be Jagar Tharn, but was in fact master thief Drayven Indoril under his employ.[1] The child, Dralsi, was left with a midwife and later reunited with her father. When she was very young, Barenziah also had a short love affair with Tiber Septim, and became pregnant. The emperor had the child aborted because he did not want to endanger his legitimate children's right to succession.

In the dawn of the year 3E 389, Barenziah and her Morrowind court began to notice the Empire mysteriously deteriorating in their presence, causing civil unrest in Mournhold. After fruitless investigations, she took her children and went to the Imperial City to get down to the bottom of it all, leaving Symmachus in charge of her capital city. Through her magic and witty suspicion, she found that Emperor Uriel Septim VII was actually an impostor, indeed none other than his battlemage, Jagar Tharn. Remaining calm, Barenziah actually befriended the evil battlemage in order to gain his confidence, but began to devise a subtle plot against him with King Eadwyre of High Rock, who also realized that the Emperor was indeed an impostor. They were assisted by the spirit of Ria Silmane, who communicated to them in their dreams, as they investigated the location of the pieces of the Staff of Chaos, which would destroy Jagar Tharn and bring Uriel Septim VII back from the realm of Oblivion. Ria Silmane then relayed this information to another friend of hers, later known only as the Champion, to collect the pieces of the staff, which would later destroy Jagar Tharn in 3E 399.[2] [3]

During the beginning of Barenziah's negotiations in the Imperial City, Symmachus was slain by revolting peasants in Mournhold. During her time in the Imperial City, it was King Eadwyre who comforted her, and confirmed her suspicions about Jagar Tharn. In 3E 396, after revealing to Ria Silmane the final locations of the pieces of the Staff of Chaos, they fled across the Empire to the High Rock kingdom of Wayrest, now enemies of Tharn, but safe, as his efforts were focused on thwarting the Champion.[2] [3] Feeling that Mournhold was completely overrun by rebels, the Queen abdicated her throne of Morrowind, leaving it to her uncle Athyn Llethan, a House Hlaalu noble. She then married the elderly Eadwyre, became Queen of Wayrest, and played a role in bringing an end to the Imperial Simulacrum.

She once again returned to Mournhold at the dusk of the Third Era, this time as Queen Mother, removed from the political spotlight.[4]

Her granddaughter, Karliah, daughter of Dralsi, played a part in the restoration of Riften's Thieves Guild in 4E 201.


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