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Archive 1: 2007 - June 2013

This page should be used to detail the current bans from our IRC channel. The reason for creating it on UESP is that no facility exists in IRC for giving an explanation for a ban. Only IRC operators and half-ops should edit this page.

Times should be recorded in EST.

From To Banned mask Ban Imposer Reason Notes
16 July 2013 01 August 2013 *!*@h227.232.213.151.dynamic.ip.windstream.net/* The Silencer Intimidating behaviour, troll
3 August 2013 *!*@ChatSpikeau7.tu3.177.59.IP Helenaannevalentine Spamming people within the channel through private messages
3 August 2013 5 August 2013 *!* The Silencer Spamming the slap function despite warnings to stop Ancano
21 August 2013 *!*@ChatSpikef37.pia.153.187.IP Velyanthe Advertising racist website, using slurs Ipil
10 Sept. 2013 ghena1986@ChatSpikefjh65f.no.cox.net ES(talkemail) Spam
16 September 2013 *!*@ChatSpike90u.0j5.252.187.IP Velyanthe Advertising racist website, using slurs bricabrack
7 November 2013 9 November 2013 *!*@* Velyanthe Cursed and insulted. Don't expect them to return, but just in case. urmom
23 November, 2013 *!*@ChatSpikersk1fo.fios.verizon.net. Damon Pornographic spam links name was knadyy
30 November, 2013
11pm EST
Midnight *!*@ChatSpikep1jiud.home3.cgocable.net Velyanthe Frequent join/quits due to connection issues; afk, so could not respond or fix it joshthenesnerd
29 December 2013
8pm EST
31 December 2013
8pm EST
r:** Velyanthe Harassment, profanity, insults, and other general rudeness Kiazre
01 February 2014 03 February 2014!*@* Alpha Kenny Buddy
The Silencer
Trolling Waht
26 March 2014 r:** The Silencer Trolling, spam Multiple (The Supporter, The Rallier)
08 April 2014 r:** Nocte Conspiracy to evade wiki block, IRC ban evasion, personal attacks/insults Hatter, Tagging_, see this IP's contribs
24 April 2014 25 April 2014 r:** Nocte Profanity, directing derogatory remarks at other users DERP_FAIC, HERP_DERP
24 April 2014 25 April 2014 r:** Nocte Using slurs and profanity against other users Nosebleed, BumLiquid
22 July 2014 r:** RNM Spamming the channel, excessive capslock NICNAME, DAWGIN_SEPTIM, Sheogorath_
10 August 2014 *!*@ChatSpikeo4u4ut.mullvad.net Alpha Kenny Buddy Spam bot. subzero
12 November, 2014 ruby99@ChatSpikensup7d.sub-72-104-183.myvzw.com -damon  talkcontribs Spammer mojojojo (last user name)
16 Jan, 2015 17 Jan, 2015 *!klep@* -damon  talkcontribs temp ban; non-disciplinary disconnects and reconnects every minute, sometimes multiple times a minute, every day to the point where it's a disruption to conversation; can be revoked at any time, since it's not a disciplinary ban
27 May, 2015 Whenever I undo it webchat@ChatSpikedee.t8f.38.70.IP -damon  talkcontribs A load of this (ffdskkhksda) annoying rubbish "Volkihar".
24 June, 2015 Permanent --AKB Talk Cont Mail 16:01, 24 June 2015 (UTC) Constant issue in channel. Joins under many different names to ask for help with some non-issue (as in, literally makes up issues to ask about) to waste the channel's time.