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I think it might be adventitious to at least look at policy with regard to what mod based contact belongs on the site. I think there's a few areas that would merit clarification. Firstly, I would like to propose the utter removal f the phrase 'must have' from the site. There are no mods that are 'must have'. otherwise you could not play the game on an X-Box. There are just popular mods, and unpopular ones. And I think that's probably a far more concrete marker than some arbitrary 'must have' criteria. (To be clear on this, by all means I do find that there are some I find it inconceivable to play oblivion without, but none of them are on our list however). Secondly, the policy with regards to adding pages about mods seems to overly favour big content mods, with Tamriel Rebuilt, having multiple pages dedicated to not only the main Morrowind Tamriel Rebuilt but also the lesser known Stirk for Oblivion. Now I personally am inclusionist [1] by nature, so I approve of this - but if you allow those then similar large scale content mods such as, Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina [2] and the like should be allowed as well, and not just allowed but allowed under an easily understandable criteria. I think there is a consensus that simply adding everyone of the thousands of mods out their would be a mistake, and that simply allowing people to add their favourites would lead to that mistake. However, at the moment we seem to just have a list of people's favourites anyway. Without easy to understand, verifiable criteria, we do not present a common front to new users about what belongs on the site. Jadrax 08:35, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

I take the point about "must have" mods, but it's difficult to come up with a better term. Most of the mods on that page are popular and extremely useful, so maybe "Popular" mods would be a better term. On the other hand, such a phrase almost invites people to add more and more items until the page is unusable. I don't have a good suggestion here, but I think the current length of that page is about right.
On the subject of documenting mods, the policy is described here, and you can see a big debate on the talk page. The gist is that you can document any mod you want as long as you do it in the same high-quality style as the rest of the site. The first example was Midas Magic and then came the two Tamriel Rebuilt mods (Stirk was originally a part of TR). At some point, Kvatch Rebuilt is likely to be added, but there's lots of other work to be done before there's time for that one. There's another mod called AFK_Weye that I really like, and I keep meaning to finish off the pages I've got written offline and upload them.
The second policy is working fine - it's just the first one that might need a tweak. rpeh •TCE 09:59, 22 July 2010 (UTC)