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First, please forgive me because this isn't fully thought-through and I'm hoping the rest of the community can chip in with additions or requests to shut up before I go too far.

Take a look at this edit. None of it is wrong, but it adds nothing that isn't "well-known" from other NPCs. I've seen more of this kind of edit than I can remember, and imagine that other patrollers have seen the same. Usually, such edits get reverted or massively trimmed because it's just "standard behavior"... or some such edit summary. The trouble is that it happens again, and again, and again. Now I know that the necessary information is always only a couple of clicks away, but in the Ritalin generation, it seems that everything has got to be right here, right now.

So here's my suggestion: a page - game-specific - for "special" tips. And yes, I'm open to suggestions on the name. Each page would contain the non-negotiable, obvious tips - use calm and chameleon spells in the case I linked to earlier - and only such solutions that the community deems to be standard and re-usable. With such a page, the entire tranche of text between "Use either" and "receive training" could be replaced with something like "Use the [[Hostile Training Tip|usual method]] to receive training". It might even be worth creating a template so we can use something like {{tip|MW Training}}.

My reason for keeping this off the NS-specific tips pages is that they tend to be rubbish generated by people adding "teh best mehtod of klling Umbra" and suchlike rather than really useful tips, despite best efforts to keep them under control.

Is this worth it? Are there enough cases? I can think of a couple but it might not be worth doing unless there are enough. Lemme know what you think. rpeh •TCE 22:42, 20 July 2010 (UTC)