Tes5Mod:Creation Kit Bugs

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This is not necessarily meant to be an exhaustive or complete list of the Creation Kit bugs but at least some of the more common and how to fix them if possible.

Can't Save: Close all Open Dialog Message

You get this message if you have any dialog window open while you try to save the plugin, presumably to prevent the illusion of saving things that aren't saved. However, you can also get this message when there are no dialogs open.

  • Click View-Open Windows to list all open windows and close any that may be causing the issue.
  • Ultramon is known to cause this message to appear erroneously.
  • You can add a line bAllowUnSafeSaves:General = 1 in the SkyrimEditor.ini to disable this message from appearing.

Editor IDs with '%' Characters

It is advised never to create records using a percent (%) character in it as it can crash the editor in some cases. For example, to replicate:

  • Create a new item (doesn't matter what type).
  • For the editor ID use a single '%' character.
  • Save/close the new record.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the new record in the object list to get the tooltip to appear.
  • The editor crashes when the tooltip should appear.

It is assumed this is due to an incorrect usage of a printf() type function in the tooltip code and possibly elsewhere.

Leveled Lists Out of Order

When adding items to a leveled list, they will re-sort in reverse order of level, breaking the list for lower levels.

  • Add all relevant items and change minimum levels.
  • Right-click and select "Copy Stack".
  • Delete all items.
  • Right-click and select "Paste Stack".

Main Window Behind Others

At times, especially when opening the Creation Kit maximized, the main window fails to maximize and can become hidden behind all the child windows.

  • Click on the CK icon in your task bar.
  • Hit Alt-Space.
  • Scroll down to (or click on) Maximize to re-maximize the main window.

To prevent this from ever happening again, go into the folder where CreationKit.exe is located, and look for the file SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini. Edit the file and scroll down until you see the following lines.

Creation Kit X=#
Creation Kit Y=#
Creation Kit W=#
Creation Kit H=#

Set X and Y both to 0, and set W and H to the width and height of your screen resolution, respectively. So, for example, if your screen resolution were 1440 by 900 (with a taskbar height of 30 pixels), you would change the lines above to the following.

Creation Kit X=0
Creation Kit Y=0
Creation Kit W=1440
Creation Kit H=870

This will force the Creation Kit main window to always be large enough, even when un-maximized, that no part of it will ever be hidden behind the other windows.