Skyrim:Sleeping Tree Cave (quest)

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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Question Ysolda about an interesting note you found on a dead Orc.
Quest Giver: Upon reading Ysolda's Message found on Ulag's corpse.
Location(s): Sleeping Tree Cave, Whiterun
Reward: Ysolda will purchase Sleeping Tree Sap.
ID: dunSleepingTreeCampQST
Suggested Level: 1
Difficulty: Easy
The Sleeping Tree

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Investigate Sleeping Tree Cave.
  2. Search Ulag's corpse for Ysolda's Message.
  3. Speak to Ysolda in Whiterun.

Detailed Walkthrough

Travel to Sleeping Tree Camp and find the cave inside the camp, northwest of the Sleeping Tree. Enter the cave and start your investigation. It would be a wise choice to leave the giants and their herd mammoths in peace, especially if you are low level. Move swiftly and enter the cave before they turn hostile to you.

Ulag's corpse can be found on a stone inside the cave with a giant wandering nearby. Search his body, where you'll find Ysolda's Message and a sample of Sleeping Tree Sap. If you don't want to fight the giant, get out of the cave with the message as quickly as possible. After reading the message, you'll get an idea about what caused Ulag's death. There was an arrangement between Ysolda and Ulag for purchase of the sap, which Ulag would obtain from the Sleeping Tree. Unfortunately, he risked the wrath of the giants one too many times, and ended up paying with his life.

Travel to Whiterun and speak to Ysolda about the note you found. Ysolda will quickly realize what happened and offer you the same arrangement she had with Ulag, 150 gold for each sample of sap you bring to her. She'll be satisfied with the deal and remind you "Be sure to bring any more Sleeping Tree Sap you find to me." You may also ask her for more information about the Sleeping Tree itself.


Quest Stages

Sleeping Tree Cave (dunSleepingTreeCampQST)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 0: Speak to Ysolda about Sleeping Tree Sap
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