Skyrim:Shadowgreen Cavern

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Shadowgreen Cavern
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Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 8
Spriggans, Animals
Console Location Code(s)
ShadowgreenCavernStart, ShadowgreenCavernOrigin, ShadowgreenCavernExterior
Northwest of Solitude
East of Ravenscar Hollow
Ore Veins
# of Corundum 1
# of Moonstone 1
Entrance to Shadowgreen Cavern

Shadowgreen Cavern is a small cave northwest of Solitude, which is home to leveled spriggans and animals.

Inside the cavern

According to the marker for the cave on the map, the cave seems to be located in the mountains northwest of Solitude. However, the cave is accessible from the coastline in the very north of the mountains and also by following the road that passes the path to Solitude Lighthouse.

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There are a number of snowberry bushes on either side of the path which is marked by the piles of rocks leading up from the road to the entrance and three clusters of blisterwort fungus around the entrance.

Shadowgreen Cavern

Entering brings you into a natural cave with a path descending to the south before turning to the east and opening out into a large cavern with a central rock formation filled with vegetation and a large number of monarch butterflies and blue butterflies during the day and luna moths and torchbugs at night. There is a stream running from south to north across the cavern feeding into a pool of water and holes in the ceiling letting in natural daylight or nightlight. There are several rabbits running around and various types of fauna in the cavern.

On the left, against the west wall is a tree stump with a growth of mora tapinella on it, with a random war axe leaning against it and a bear trap nearby. The path turns to the east and passes a dead tree trunk laying on the ground with another bear trap beside the end of it. There are a number of salmon in the pool along with a random healing potion, a random shield and random greatsword all beside a skeleton. The path crosses the stream just above the pool before climbing to the south, as you pass under an arch formed by a stone column leaning against a rock wall with a tree directly in front of you, if you turn west, ahead you will find a rotten tree stump with an apprentice-locked chest inside.

Back on the path, continue following it and there is the first of the animals ahead near a rock in the middle of the path, with the path going around on either side. Just beyond this is a dead elk, obviously killed by the leveled animals. Ahead there is a tree trunk that has fallen over the path bridging the two sides of the cave, just past this is the first spriggan with another animal a short way further along, with a second spriggan on a ledge to the north and a third to the west against a large tree, opposite a corundum ore vein. Just past this the path doubles back to the south and starts to climb, curving around a central rock formation and passing four glowing mushrooms (see bugs) growing on the rock wall of the formation. Partway up the ground will shake and there will be a small rockfall, to avoid damage, as soon as the ground shakes retreat a few paces. When the curving path is heading due west there is a tree directly in front of you with a spriggan hidden against the trunk.

There are two more spriggans and animals when you reach the top along with a small island surrounded by shallow water, with a large tree and two nirnroot plants growing on it. Beside the tree, by the end of a small tree trunk that is spanning the shallow water is an unlocked chest with two potions, an empty soul gem and weapon all of which are random, on the ground beside it. To the north of the island there is an earthen bridge spanning the cavern to the outside wall. Crossing to the far end and turning west leads to an adept-locked chest on a ledge slightly below you. From this ledge you can drop down to the west onto a lower ledge with a moonstone ore vein, a skeleton of an unfortunate person with a random helmet, a medium coin purse and leveled war axe next to it. An expert-locked chest, can be found on a small ledge protruding half way up the northeast wall of the cavern. This chest may be reached by climbing to the top of the rock formation and using the Whirlwind Sprint dragon shout to land on the small platform, or by climbing to the end of the land bridge at the top of the hill, facing east and using the Become Ethereal shout, and jumping down. The Become Ethereal shout may need to be used to drop down to the cavern floor.

Plants* Other
36 Red Mountain Flowers
11 Blue Mountain Flowers
24 Purple Mountain Flower
12 Mora Tapinella
4 Glowing Mushrooms
2 Nirnroots
4 Rabbits
4 Salmon

These are the minimum number of plants within the cavern, however there could be more.



  • You may not be able to interact with one of the glowing mushrooms.