Skyrim:Rochelle the Red

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Rochelle the Red
Added by Hearthfire
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level Radiant (6-28) Class Bandit
RefID N/A BaseID 0001B0DC
Other Information
Health Radiant (155-497)
Magicka 25
Stamina Radiant (95-258)
Class Details EncClassBanditMelee
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Very Aggressive
Faction(s) BanditFaction
Rochelle the Red

Rochelle the Red is a Redguard bandit who may kidnap your spouse if Hearthfire is installed. She demands a ransom of 5000 gold for your spouse's safe return. You can either pay the ransom, or kill her and the bandits yourself.

Her location depends on the hold of the house your spouse was kidnapped from:

Heljarchen Hall: Frostmere Crypt

Lakeview Manor: Bilegulch Mine, Cracked Tusk Keep, Embershard Mine, Knifepoint Ridge

Windstad Manor: Orotheim, Robber's Gorge, Ustengrav

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