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(RefID: 00000014)
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 1 Class Player Spellsword Class
RefID 00000014 BaseID 00000007
Other Information
Faction(s) Allegiance Faction; PlayerBedOwnership; PlayerFaction; Charm Faction
Generic male Nord appearance of the player character

Prisoner is the default name for the player character in Skyrim -- in other words, you. Most of the character information is overwritten when you enter the character selection menu at the start of the game. At that point, your race, gender, and possibly other information is overwritten based on which of the 160 presets (all named "Prisoner") you select. However, your BaseID and RefID remain the same.


  • The game data also lists eight non-player-related NPCs named "Prisoner", all identified as Falmer Prisoners who were possibly associated with a deleted quest in Chillwind Depths.
  • The player's BaseID and RefID are the same as those of the player in Oblivion.