Skyrim:Morokei (item)

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Unique Item: Morokei (00061c8b)
Type Light Helmet
Editor ID ArmorDragonPriestMaskMoonstoneHelmet
Rating Rating 5
Rating Rating 5 {{{Health}}}
Weight Weight 4 Value Value 637
Tempering Refined Moonstone
Tempering Refined Moonstone Perk Daedric Smithing
Magicka regenerates 100% faster:

Morokei is a moonstone dragon priest mask gained by killing the eponymous Morokei within Labyrinthian. The mask's enchantment doubles magicka regeneration. It can be improved with refined moonstone.


  • Placing Morokei on its pedestal at Bromjunaar Sanctuary will remove any bonuses it gained from tempering.
  • Morokei has the second lowest armor rating of the masks, only slightly higher than that of the Wooden Mask.
  • All dragon priest masks are considered to be circlets in terms of equipment slots, meaning they can be worn simultaneously with some bugged items, as detailed under circlets.
  • Morokei means "Glorious" in the dragon language.