Skyrim:Miscellaneous Quests/Open World

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Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Kharjo Khajiit Trade Caravan Amulet of the Moon: Find the Moon Amulet for Kharjo. (radiant)
  • Find the Moon Amulet inside <Alias=Dungeon>
  • Return the Moon Amulet to Kharjo
Rochelle the Red (HF) Heljarchen Hall (HF), Lakeview Manor (HF) or Windstad Manor (HF) Bandit Attack: Rescue your beloved from kidnappers. (radiant) (HF)
  • Read the bandit's ransom note for <Alias=Spouse>
  • Rescue <Alias=Spouse> from <Alias=BanditDungeon>
The Bonds of Matrimony and Build Your Own Home (HF)