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(RefID: 00021EA6)
Home City Riften
House Beggar's Row
Store Madesi's stall in Riften Grand Plaza
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 8 Class Pawnbroker
RefID 00021EA6 BaseID 0001B072
Gold 750
Sells 3 Leveled Necklaces and 3 Leveled Rings (all unenchanted)
Buys Gems, Jewelry, Ore/Ingots, Tools
Other Information
Health 108 Magicka 73
Stamina 74
Primary Skills Sneak, Speech, Lockpicking, Pickpocket
Moral. Any Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; JobMerchantFaction; ServicesRiftenPlazaMadesi; Street Vendor; TownRiftenFaction
Madesi at Riften Grand Plaza

Madesi is an Argonian pawnbroker and a stall merchant selling jewelry in Riften. He has a rivalry with fellow merchant Brynjolf, a member of the Thieves Guild whose "miracle cures" have been drawing business away from Madesi. If your character is an Argonian, he will refer to you as "marsh-friend". Otherwise, he will call you a "land-strider". He will ask for your help in collecting supplies for a new ring he wants to make, and will reward you with 400 gold and a leveled necklace. His disposition towards you will also increase.

He gets up at 6am and heads to his stall at the grand plaza. While tending the stall, he can be found conversing with his customers and trying to interest passersby to buy his jewelry. At 8pm, he closes his shop and eats at Haelga's Bunkhouse until midnight, then goes to sleep in Beggar's Row.

Madesi wears a set of merchant clothes and a pair of boots, and is equipped with a leveled dagger which can be up to elven quality. He carries the key to his stall, a belted tunic, and a selection of common items and gold.

When idle at his stall, he will promote his goods, saying, "Beautiful baubles and gleaming gemstones over here!", "Jewelry with legendary Argonian craftsmanship!", and "Buying and selling fine jewelry here!" Approaching him will have him say to you, "If anything pleases the eye, don't hesitate to make me an offer.", "If you have any jewelry to sell, I'd be glad to pay you a fair sum in gold for it.", or "Greetings, honored friend. Could I interest you in some fine jewelry?" If you see him when he is not working, he'll also tell you, "Come see me in the market if you're looking for the finest custom jewelry in all of Skyrim." Upon ending conversation, he will wish you, "Safe travels, landstrider." if you are not an Argonian, or "Good journey, marsh-friend." if you are.

Asking him about his business will be replied with "Not well I'm afraid. That Brynjolf... he keeps draining the people's pockets with his ridiculous miracle cures. A few months ago it was troll fat salve and now he's got something new. Not that there's anything that can be done about it. He's in good with the Thieves Guild."

To start his quest Ringmaker, ask him if he makes his own jewelry. He'll respond, "I do. Sadly, I'm one of the few traditional Saxhleel Jewelers that remains in Tamriel; it's becoming a lost art. Only trouble is gathering materials has become hazardous. The roads to the mines and to the other cities are thick with bandits... and worse." He'll continue by asking you, "Would you be interested in gathering some materials for me? I'd certainly be happy to compensate you." Agreeing will have him say, "Thank you, land-strider/marsh-friend. I'm seeking a small list of items to complete my next creation: two flawless sapphires, a mammoth tusk and a chunk of gold ore." When you have the requested items, you can tell him such, and he'll give you 100 gold on each item brought. His reply will depend on what you give him:

"I have your flawless sapphires."
"Good, these will make wonderful settings for my rings."
"I have a mammoth tusk for you."
"The ivory from this tusk will be perfect for the inlay on my amulets."
"I have a chunk of gold ore for you."
"Perfect. Melting this down will give me plenty of gold for those necklaces I started."

Once you've brought him everything, ask him if he needs anything else and he'll reply, "No, I think I have enough here to get started. Here, let me give you this. It's the least I can do for all your trouble." He will reward you with a leveled necklace.

If you ask him about the term "Saxhleel", he'll respond with either "Forgive me. It's a term I haven't used in some time. While most in Tamriel call my kind Argonian, we prefer the term Saxhleel." if you are not an Argonian, or "Forgive me. It's a term I haven't used in some time. While most in Tamriel would call us Argonian, we prefer the term Saxhleel." if you are. Either way, he will continue by explaining, "Madesi was actually my original Saxhleel name. Unlike others, I decided to embrace tradition and keep it that way."

During A Chance Arrangement, you will be asked to plant Madesi's silver ring in Brand-Shei's inventory, while he and Madesi are being distracted.

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  • There is a "Loot" shadowmark on his market stall.



He can sometimes be heard talking with various people while he is at his stall:

Dinya: "When are you going to stop by the temple, Madesi?"
Madesi: "Sorry Lady Dinya, but I've been busy of late."
Dinya: "It only takes but a moment to say a silent prayer to Mara. Please come by soon; not for me, but for yourself."
Madesi: "Very well, I'll try milady."

Shadr: "Here's another septim, Madesi. How much more do I need?"
Madesi: "Only thirty more and it'll be all yours. If I might ask, who is the lucky woman?"
Shadr: "It's for Marise, but don't say a word to her!"
Madesi: "Don't worry, Shadr, your secret is safe with me."

Madesi: "Hello, Lady Mjoll."
Mjoll: "Madesi, my friend. How have things been since last week's incident?"
Madesi: "Ever since you scared off that thug from the Thieves Guild, not one of them's bothered me. We're lucky to have you here."
Mjoll: "It's my pleasure. If you see the Thieves Guild harassing anyone else, you be sure and let me know."

Madesi: "Lady Maven, how may I help you?"
Maven: "Is it true that you refused to sell one of your... trinkets to Hemming?"
Madesi: "Please, milady, it was only because he threatened me. He said he'd have me thrown in the prisons if I didn't give him what he wanted! I can't afford to just give my jewelry away!"
Maven: "Next time a Black-Briar asks for something, I suggest you respond quickly and affirmatively."

Drifa: "We got a few pieces of jewelry at the Prawn, Madesi. Want to come take a look at them later?"
Madesi: "I wish I could, milady. Sadly, I haven't sold enough of my own jewelry let alone buy some from you. I'm sorry."
Drifa: "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm certain Bolli would be happy to lend you a few septims."
Madesi: "Much appreciated, Lady Drifa, but I'll manage."

Madesi: "Lady Haelga, so pleased to see you. Your Marks of Dibella are ready."
Haelga: "Oh, splendid! I can't wait to use them."
Madesi: "Begging your pardon milady... I know these have something to do with Dibella, but whatever are they for?"
Haelga: "Maybe I'll show you one day, Madesi. Have them delivered to the Bunkhouse, won't you?"

Tythis: "Madesi, have you heard the Imperials might be headed this way? What would we do?"
Madesi: "They aren't invading, milord... it's simply a response to Ulfric and his Stormcloaks. I assure you everything will be fine."
Tythis: "But I've heard from the Snow-Shods that they intend to burn this place to the ground!"
Madesi: "Tythis, please. The Snow-Shods are good people, but tend to exaggerate. Try and stay calm for your own sake."

Bolli: "Madesi, what's this bill for 300 septims!"
Madesi: "Begging your pardon, milord. Your wife has run up quite an account in the last few months."
Bolli: "Outrageous! Who does she think she is?!"
Madesi: "I believe she's trying to look as ravishing as possible for you, milord."
Bolli: "Oh, well... I suppose that's a noble cause. I'll settle this bill at the end of the day. Thank you."

Madesi: "Ah, Nivenor. What can I sell you on this fine day?"
Nivenor: "I'm looking for a necklace. Do you have anything with garnets?"
Madesi: "I have a single one left, quite expensive, but also quite elegant."
Nivenor: "Posh. I'm not paying for it. Put it on Bolli's account if you please."

At Haelga's Bunkhouse, he may have further conversations:

Grelka: "Hey, greenskin... close your mouth. Some of us are trying to eat over here."
Madesi: "There's no need to be rude, Grelka. If you don't care for Argonians, then perhaps you should take residence somewhere else."
Grelka: "Or perhaps you should crawl back into whatever swamp you came from, lizard man."
Madesi: "You're not going to goad me into a fight so I'll get kicked out, Grelka. Eat your food and leave me in peace."

Svana: "Madesi, why don't you just take a bed here? There's no need to sleep in Beggar's Row."
Madesi: "The cold stone, the dampness... it suits me, Svana."
Svana: "Are you sure that's the real reason? It wouldn't have anything to do with others making an Argonian unwelcome, because if it is..."
Madesi: "You have a kind heart; much too kind for Riften. Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine."