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Location Outside Whiterun or Markarth
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 4 Class Fire/Frost/Shock Mage
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Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 70
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Sneak
Class Details CombatMageElemental
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Faction(s) CaravanMerchant; FavorExcludedFaction; Khajiit Traders; KhajiitCaravanFaction

Ma'randru-jo is a Khajiit elemental mage who travels around Skyrim with a trade caravan, which includes Ri'saad, Atahbah and Khayla. When the caravan is camped, he can be found wandering around the campsite. He is also a target of a Dark Brotherhood assassination contract given by Nazir.

He wears a set of farm clothes and a pair of boots. He is equipped with an elven sword, and carries a selection of common items and gold. He knows the Destruction spell Sparks and the Restoration spells Healing and Lesser Ward.

He is quite rude to you and will often say, "Purchase something or leave. Those are your options."

Like with most Dark Brotherhood targets, you can talk to Ma'randru-jo before you kill him. You will be given three options:

"I'm going to beat you like a house cat." (if you are not a Khajiit) OR "You are a disgrace to our race! I spit on your fur!" (if you are a Khajiit)
"What? You dare challenge Ma'randru-jo? You will suffer for your insolence!" (he becomes hostile and attacks)
"You're one hard mage to track down, Ma'randru-jo."
"And why would you be looking for me, hmm? I'm not sure I appreciate your presence here. Friend." (he walks away)
(Remain silent)
"Now aren't you a strange one. Well, if you're here to shop, shop. If not, find some other caravan to stalk." (he walks away)

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  • "Ma" means "apprentice", and "Jo" which means "wizard" in the Khajiiti Language, Ta'agra.
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