Skyrim:Letter from Steward (Steward name) of (hold name)

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Adicionado pelo Mod Hearthfire
ID xx0030A1
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Encontrado nos seguintes lugares:
  • Delivered to the player by a courier once the Hearthfire plugin has been installed.
Letter from Steward <Alias=Steward> of <Alias=HoldCity>


As a mark of the high esteem in which you are held by Jarl <Alias=Jarl>, <Alias.Pronoun=Jarl> has instructed me to offer you an opportunity to become a landowner in <Alias=Hold>. A choice piece of undeveloped land in the hold has just become available. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Your humble servant, etc., etc.,

<Alias=Steward>, Steward to Jarl <Alias=Jarl> of <Alias=HoldCity>