Skyrim:Kill Safia

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SR-qico-Dark Brotherhood.png Kill a pirate captain on her own ship.
Quest Giver: Nazir
Location(s): Near East Empire Company Warehouse
Prerequisite Quest: Kill Maluril, Kill Helvard, Kill Agnis
Reward: Leveled gold
ID: DBSideContract12
Safia's ship: The Red Wave

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Travel to the Solitude harbor.
  2. Get onto Safia's Ship, the Red Wave.
  3. Kill Safia.
  4. Report back to Nazir and claim your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Fast-travel to the East Empire Company Warehouse (or Solitude if you haven't been there) and then board the ship the Red Wave. Even though boarding the ship is considered trespassing, the "guards" (crew members) will not actually confront you if they see you. All they will do is say "you're not supposed to be here" and then leave you alone. Safia can be found in the middle deck of the ship, walking around switching chairs every few minutes or eating.

Note that two of the Red Wave's crew members are considered essential and thus cannot be killed and will continue fighting a little after you "defeat" them, which also gives you bounty. Therefore, it is best to avoid any combat with the crew.

You may have the following conversation with Safia:

Topic Dialogue
"I represent the Dark..." "The Dark Brotherhood? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You think this is the first contract I've had on my life? I'm a pirate, sweetie. Assassination attempts are an occupational hazard. Now, shall we?"
"You face the Dread Lord..." "Sithis? Let me guess: "In the Void!" By the gods, you Dark Brotherhood are a predictable lot, aren't you? Okay, here's how this works. You try to assassinate me, and I kill you. Horribly. I have done this dance before, you know."
(Remain Silent) "Ah, I see. The old Dark Brotherhood "silent intimidation" treatment. Oh, I know who you are. Don't be so surprised. You ain't the first assassin sent to kill me. Won't be the last. Now let's get this over with."

Each dialogue option causes her to initiate combat, thus allowing you to kill her without gaining a bounty. Her crew will also fail to defend her if she initiates combat.

After the kill, report back to Nazir for some leveled gold as a reward.


Levels Reward
1-9 250
10-19 400
20-29 500
30-39 600
40+ 750


  • This quest can conflict with the Thieves Guild quest The Dainty Sload.
  • Since several members of the crew are essential, the fight can go badly, and much bounty can be incurred.


  • Sometimes after approaching Safia and talking to her, she will not turn hostile.

Quest Stages

Contract: Kill Safia (DBSideContract12)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I must kill Safia, the pirate captain of the ship Red Wave, which is moored at the docks in Solitude. I may use any means at my disposal. When I am done, I am to report back to Nazir at the Sanctuary and collect my reward.
Objective 10: Kill Safia
Objective 20: Report back to Nazir
200 Finishes quest Safia is dead, and I have collected my reward from Nazir at the Sanctuary.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 255.
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