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Undead Creatures consist of spirits, reanimated skeletons, and reanimated corpses. Vampires are also considered to be undead, but are undead NPCs instead of creatures. All varieties of Undead are detected using Detect Dead instead of Detect Life. Undead creatures are generally extra vulnerable to silver weapons.

Dragon Priest

A dragon priest

Dragon Priests were once the primary servants of the ancient dragons of Skyrim and would rule over countless armies of men in their god's name. They are found residing in coffins in areas of prominent dragon worship, particularly Nordic ruins. If their resting place is disturbed by trespassers, the priest bursts out of its coffin (with considerably more force than a draugr's) and will proceed to attack intruders.

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A Draugr

Draugr are ancient, long dead Nordic warriors who rise again in an undead state. They are mostly found in barrows and tombs, and rise from catacombs or burst out of sarcophagi to attack when you walk within their vicinity, or when certain items and events are triggered/interacted with. For information about dead, static corpses of draugr which can be looted, see this page.

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A Ghost

Ghosts are the incorporeal, restless spirits of the dead citizens of Skyrim. Their equipment varies and although they are usually poorly armed, they may prove to be a threat to adventurers early on due to their resistance to non-magical weaponry. Some ghosts may constantly apologize to the player while attacking and may thank the player upon being slain. Though a ghost has no physical body, it can still be affected by shouts and finishing moves, including decapitation.


A Skeleton

Skeletons are the reanimated bones of the dead. They are often found with draugr in crypts and ruins, and may also be summoned by necromancers in combat. They are fully resistant to poison and paralysis and have a 25% resistance to frost, but, given their low health level and poor equipment, they are vulnerable to other types of attack, making them relatively easy opponents.

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Skeleton Variants



A Redguard zombie

Zombies are creatures or NPCs that have died and been temporarily resurrected as combat allies. They are created by use of a Reanimate spell or enchantment, usually by vampires, necromancers, or even the player. For more details about using zombies as allies, see this page.

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