Skyrim:Feran Sadri

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Feran Sadri
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Added by Dawnguard
Location Volkihar Keep
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class Bandit Wizard
RefID BaseID
Gold 500
Sells Potions & Ingredients
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×9 Magicka 50+(PC-1)×6
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Sneak
Perks Extra Damage 1.5
Race Details Vampire, Undead
Moral. Any Crime Aggress. Aggressive
Essential Yes, if on the Dawnguard side only until Kindred Judgment
Faction(s) DLC1ServicesFeran; DLC1VampireCrimeFaction; DLC1VampireFaction; Gets dialogue pointing player to radiant quests
Feran Sadri

Feran Sadri is a Dunmer bandit wizard and vampire in Volkihar Keep. He wears a set of gray vampire armor with a matching pair of boots. He is equipped with a leveled one-handed weapon which can be up to elven quality. He carries random leveled bandit loot, as well as a 25% chance of carrying 1-9 gold. He sells Alchemy wares, some of them probably ill-gotten—"You'd be surprised what people leave behind when you burn their village to the ground"—but with a wide stock: "I may not have potions to block the sun, but I do have nearly everything else."

He finds it "a pleasure to serve a fellow alchemist", and appears to be unique in his trade at the castle: "Many in the court don't bother with potions, but I keep things stocked just in case." He sells potions, poisons, ingredients, and recipes.

He will advise you to "Follow your instincts" and "Revel in your power." He finds that "Life here has many advantages, don't you agree?" and "Living here, I have access to magic I couldn't possibly imagine before." However, he's not fond of the court itself: "Politics bore me terribly, but they're a fact of life here." Despite this, he is aware of what's going on around him, and will warn you when he feels the need: "First Serana, now you find a Moth Priest. I'm sure Lord Harkon is very pleased with you... for now."

If you are a mortal, he'll take a slight interest in your presence in the castle: "Look at you, wandering around causing trouble. Precious." If you become mortal again, he will remark that "You really ought to become one of us again. Bad for your health, otherwise", though he will be mildly amused when he says that it is "Quite bold, to return here as a mortal. Some will take offense." In Vampire Lord form, he will say "I find it tiring to converse with someone in that form. Too much effort."

Related Quests

Radiant Quests

Standard Merchandise

Count Item Details
1 Potion of Cure Disease
1 Poison Recipe 50% chance
1 Rare Recipe 50% chance
1 Salt Pile
3 Blisterwort
3 Wheat
5 Leveled Healing or Cure Potions
~8 Uncommon Ingredients Max 10 (10@75%)
~8 Leveled Poisons Max 10 (10@75%)
~8 Leveled Potions Max 10 (10@75%)
~8 Leveled Healing or Cure Potions Max 10 (10@75%)
~8 Leveled Resist or Other Potions Max 10 (10@75%)
~8 Leveled Resist Potions Max 10 (10@75%)
~11 Common Ingredients Max 10 (10@75%)
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