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SR-icon-spell-Illusion Dark.png Equilibrium
School Alteration Difficulty Special
Type Defensive Casting Concentration
Delivery Self Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 000da746 Editor ID dunLabyrinthianSpellReward
Base Cost 0 (25 Health) Charge Time 0
Magnitude 25 Area 0
Tome ID 000f4997 Tome Value 250
Convert 25 points of health into magicka per second. Caster can be killed by this effect.

Equilibrium is a unique novice level Alteration spell that converts health into magicka.



  • Casting this spell increases your Alteration skill extremely slowly, and is therefore not a viable option to train Alteration.
    • However, alternating between Equilibrium and a healing spell (or casting both at once in each hand) is an effective way to train your Restoration skill. This can (depending on difficulty and Restoration perks) result in a net gain, as your healing spell may cost less than the amount of health spent on Equilibrium, so you can get to almost full health and magicka (and stamina with the Respite perk). This is very useful to those whose health or magicka regeneration is stunted, such as vampires in daylight.
  • Affected by difficulty, which means you will drain more than 25 health if you play on expert, master or legendary and less if you play on apprentice or novice, but always will get 25 magicka per second. The health cost is not affected by skill or perks in Alteration.
  • Using Equilibrium with The Atronach Stone's blessing may completely negate the health cost, giving you essentially free magicka. [verification needed — May depend on perks/difficulty level]


  • The amount of health drained and magicka restored by this spell is erroneously increased by 50% if you have the Regeneration perk in the Restoration skill tree, due to this spell having the MagicRestoreHealth keyword set on both of the spell's effects. ?
  • This spell cannot be cast if the player has zero magicka, despite it having no magicka cost. ?