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Ebony Ingot
Ebony Ore vein

Ebony is a hard, durable, black glass-like substance that is said to be the petrified blood of the gods. See the lore article for general information. The primary ebony mine in Skyrim is Gloombound Mine, in the Orc Stronghold of Narzulbur, while the primary ebony mine in Solstheim is Raven Rock Mine.


Name ID Weight Value
SR-icon-ore-Ebony Ore.png Ebony Ore 0005acdc 1 60
SR-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony Ingot 0005ad9d 1 150
  • Three ebony ores are obtained by mining ebony ore veins.
  • One ebony ingot is obtained by smelting two ebony ores.
  • Ebony Smithing requires 80 Smithing skill.
  • Ebony armor is level 32 heavy armor, made from ebony ingots and leather strips.
  • Ebony weapons are level 36 weapons, made from ebony ingots and leather strips.
  • Ebony ingots can rarely be found in chests.

Mineral Sources

In addition to the following guaranteed sources, the best random locations are:

  • Ebony ingots may be sold by blacksmiths starting at level 27 and general goods merchants starting at level 14.
  • Ebony ore may be randomly found in Falmer loot starting at level 13.
  • Ebony ore may sometimes be found in the ash pile remains of ash spawn.

These ore vein locations are also listed in the Ebony Veins category, and the exterior ore veins are shown on (map).

Region Location Veins Ores Ingots Details
Eastmarch Gloombound Mine 16 16 1 Mine is located inside the Orc stronghold of Narzulbur.
SolstheimDB Raven Rock Mine 9 Mine is located inside the city of Raven Rock. Requires beginning The Final Descent to gain access.
Winterhold Blackreach 6 Near the waterfalls to the south.
The Rift Redbelly Mine 3 3 Mine is located outside Shor's Stone. The ores are outside the mine, next to the smelter.
Whiterun Hold Throat of the World 2 Very top of the mountain (map).
The Reach ArkngthamzDG 1
SolstheimDB Northshore Landing 1
SolstheimDB Horker Island 1
Hjaalmarch Labyrinthian 1 3 Ore is in Labyrinthian Chasm; ingots are in Labyrinthian, Tribune.
The Pale Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon 3 Found within the shrine. Must complete the quest Pieces of the Past.
Falkreath Hold Pinewatch 1 Ore is in Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary.
The Pale Wreck Of The Brinehammer 1 Ore is in The Brinehammer Below Deck.
The Pale Raldbthar 1 Ore is in Raldbthar Deep Market.

Ebony Smithing

Ebony Smithing is the third perk in the heavy armor branch of the Smithing skill's perk tree. Unlocking it requires a minimum Smithing skill of 80, and the Orcish Smithing perk must have already been unlocked. It allows both ebony armor and ebony weapons to be crafted.

The Ebony Smithing perk also causes tempering of ebony weapons and armor to be twice as effective. This perk applies to both unenchanted ebony gear and enchanted gear (generic armor, generic weapons, or custom), as long as the Arcane Blacksmith perk has been unlocked. Tempering of the Savior's Hide is also improved by Ebony Smithing, even though it does not use an ebony ingot.

With the addition of the Dragonborn add-on, Ebony Smithing is required in order to craft stalhrim weapons and armor.

Ebony Armor

Ebony armor is the third-best heavy armor, behind dragonplate and Daedric armors. It appears in leveled lists starting at level 32 (enchanted varieties at level 33). All items can be tempered using one ebony ingot, and having the Ebony Smithing perk doubles the quality improvement.

A female Imperial wearing Ebony Armor
A male Nord wearing Ebony Armor
Name (ID) Weight Value Rating Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-armor-EbonyArmor.png Ebony Armor
38 1500 43 5 3 32.7 741 7.17 1.98
SR-icon-armor-EbonyBoots.png Ebony Boots
7 275 16 3 2 3.8 -181 2.19 0.60
SR-icon-armor-EbonyGauntlets.png Ebony Gauntlets
7 275 16 2 2 4.8 -31 3.18 0.90
SR-icon-armor-EbonyHelmet.png Ebony Helmet
10 750 21 3 2 6.8 294 3.12 1.64
SR-icon-armor-EbonyShield.png Ebony Shield
14 750 32 4 1 9.9 147 3.41 1.24
Totals (with shield): 76 3550 128 17 10
Totals (without shield): 62 2800 96 13 9


  • Ebony armor is unaffected by the Heavy Armor perk Matching Set.
  • In third person view, a male wearing ebony armor has an uncovered gap with visible skin around the neck area and the head will not cast a shadow.
  • An ebony shield will be invisible if the person wearing it is a vampire.

Ebony Weapons

Ebony weapons are generally the second-best standard weapons in the original version of the game, behind only Daedric weapons. However, the ebony mace and ebony war axe are actually slightly better than their Daedric equivalents. These two weapons have identical damage statistics to the Daedric versions, but weigh less and do not require the use of a valuable Daedra Heart to create, making them somewhat better overall. The Dawnguard add-on introduces dragonbone weapons, making ebony the third-best standard of weapon.

Ebony weapons appear in leveled lists starting at level 36 (enchanted varieties at level 37). All items except ammunition can be tempered using one ebony ingot, and having the Ebony Smithing perk doubles the quality improvement. Arrows can only be smithed if the Dawnguard add-on has been installed.

Name (ID) Weight Value Damage Crit.
Critical Damage
Speed Reach Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyDagger.png Ebony Dagger
5 290 10 5 1.3 0.7 1 1 3.9 137 4.55 1.90
SR-icon-weapon-EbonySword.png Ebony Sword
15 720 13 6 1 1 2 1 12.9 417 7.14 2.38
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyWarAxe.png Ebony War Axe
17 865 15 7 0.9 1 2 2 14.8 559 7.73 2.83
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyMace.png Ebony Mace
19 1000 16 8 0.8 1 3 1 15.9 547 6.13 2.21
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyGreatsword.png Ebony Greatsword
22 1440 22 11 0.7 1.3 5 3 16.7 681 4.15 1.90
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyBattleaxe.png Ebony Battleaxe
26 1585 23 11 0.7 1.3 5 2 20.8 829 5.00 2.10
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyWarhammer.png Ebony Warhammer
30 1725 25 12 0.6 1.3 5 3 24.7 966 5.66 2.27
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyBow.png Ebony Bow
16 1440 17 8 0.56 1 3 0 13 990 5.33 3.20
SR-icon-weapon-EbonyArrows.png Ebony Arrow
0 7 20 N/A 1 Ebony + 1 Firewood =
24 Ebony ArrowsDG
-6 13 0.00 1.08
  In earlier versions of the game, the speed of an ebony dagger is 1 instead of 1.3. This bug also applies to all generic enchanted ebony daggers.


  • Ebony ore can be sold to Dushnamub for the quest Mine Ore.
  • Ebony ingots are needed to create and temper Daedric armor and weapons, and to create a random enchanted armor or weapon at the Atronach Forge.
  • Several artifacts and unique weapons are tempered using ebony ingots.
  • Ore veins (all types) sometimes do not respawn normally. See Mining (Bugs) and elsewhere on that article and its talk page.