Skyrim:Cleansing Light

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SR-qico-Dawnguard Dawnguard.png Kill the boss of a vampire lair.
Quest Giver: Gunmar
Location(s): Radiant vampire lair
Reward: Enchanted item
"Destroying the head vampire is usually sufficient to scatter its minions..."

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Gunmar.
  2. Kill the boss at the vampire lair.
  3. Report back to Gunmar.

Detailed Walkthrough


  • The target of this quest is the boss of the assigned location. Though the location will always be a vampire lair, the boss may be another type of NPC or creature.


  • If the radiant system assigns Movarth's Lair, you will be unable to complete this quest as there is no standard boss set at that location.

Quest Stages

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{{Predefinição:FULLPAGENAME0/Line|1=10|2=|3=Gunmar has sent me to destroy the <Alias=Boss> at <Alias=Dungeon>.

Objective 10: Kill the <Alias=Boss> at <Alias=Dungeon>


Objective 100: Return to Gunmar

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Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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