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(RefID: 000876DD)
Home City Dawnstar
Location Iron-Breaker Mine
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Miner
RefID 000876DD BaseID 000876DC
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Smithing, Two-handed
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionPale; DawnstarIronBreakerMinersFaction; JobMinerFaction; TownDawnstarFaction

Bodil is a Nord miner who works under Beitild at Iron-Breaker Mine in Dawnstar.

Like her colleague, Gjak, she never surfaces from the mine and spends her entire life working, relaxing, or eating.

She wears a roughspun tunic and a pair of footwraps. She wields a pickaxe and carries common loot and gold.

Bodil appears to have a simple outlook on life and will say to you, "Here to dig. That's all." She seems content with her life, pointing out, "Dawnstar's got its problems, but as long as the ore is good, I'll stay."