Skyrim:Bane of the Undead

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SR-icon-spell-Turn Undead.png Bane of the Undead
School Restoration Difficulty Master
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Both Hands
Spell ID 0008c1ab Editor ID BaneoftheUndead
Base Cost 988 Charge Time 3.0
Duration 30 Range 0
Magnitude 30 Area 80 ft
Tome ID 000dd647 Tome Value 1200
Sets undead up to level 30 on fire and makes them flee for 30 seconds.

Bane of the Undead is a master level Restoration spell, which will cause all affected Undead enemies up to level 30 within 80 feet of the caster to flee from combat for 30 seconds.



  • Necromage increases magnitude by 25% and duration by 50%. This means that it will turn undead up to level 37, though even higher level undead will be staggered and set on fire.
  • Augmented Flames increases magnitude by 25% at first rank and 50% at second rank due to the fact that it has fire damage included. This allows the spell to affect undead up to level 56.


  • This spell will affect all undead (including vampires) within its range, friend or foe, though not the caster. Thus it should not be used in combination with undead minions or followers.
  • It will also cause objects in the area to be thrown around the room, which can make it hard to find valuables that may have been placed on tables and shelves and such. Your allies may take some small damage from the flying debris and become annoyed with you.
  • Necromage and Augmented Flames perks somehow affect this spell much more than the description states. With Necromage and Augmented Flames 2/2 it does about 310-320 damage to Draugr and about 410-420 damage to Vampires (tested on Adept difficulty)
  • It seems that NPCs turn hostile in any case, even if there are no objects in the area that can hit them (maybe because of the stagger effect).