Skyrim:Armor (effect)

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SR-icon-spell-Alteration.png Armor
School Alteration
Type Defensive

Este artigo é sobre the magic effect. Para the apparel, veja Armor.

Armor spells increase the spellcaster's Armor Rating. The effectiveness of Armor spells is improved by the Mage Armor perk.

Shields do not interfere with the bonus granted by the armor spells.


The following spells use this group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

  • Oakflesh: Armor - Oak (00051b15; ArmorFFSelf0)
  • Stoneflesh: Armor - Stone (00059b7a; ArmorFFSelf25)
  • Ironflesh: Armor - Iron (00059b7b; ArmorFFSelf50)
  • Ebonyflesh: Armor - Ebony (00059b7c; ArmorFFSelf75)
  • Dragonhide: Armor - Dragonhide (000cdb75; ArmorFFSelf100)

If the Mage Armor perk has been unlocked, the following effects are added to the spells

  • At rank 1: Armor 30 Perk bonus (00104ab5; PerkArmorFFSelf30)
  • At rank 2: Armor 50 Perk bonus (00104aba; PerkArmorFFSelf50)
  • At rank 3: Armor 70 Perk bonus (00104ab9; PerkArmorFFSelf70)


  • This group of magic effects is the most comparable to Shield from Oblivion. Both are Alteration effects that grant the caster an armor bonus that stacks with the existing bonus from any equipped armor or shields.