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Jayred's House
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The Fringe

Jayred's House is a small two-story building slightly to the south of Passwall, belonging to Jayred Ice-Veins.

Its decor is a reflection of Jayred's fascination for bones: both stories are full of human and Shamble bones (five of the latter can be found on the ground floor, on either side of the door, with the remaining two at the top of the stairs). In particular, various skulls, ribcages and pelvises can be found carefully positioned in bowls on the shelves next to the entrance. To the left is a reminder of old Skyrim: a few bottles of mead, that occupy a table along with the book Bark and Sap and a sack containing some gold.

On top of a cupboard to the right are two pieces of Madness Ore, while on a set of shelves adjacent to it are a wolf pelt, a fur helmet and boots, three pieces of Amber, two hunger tongues, a Cure Disease potion and two strong Burden poisons. On the table close by, next to a copy of 16 Accords of Madness, v. IX, is an untouched meal of a smoked baliwog leg, three withering moons and a screaming maw. Under the stairs are three crates of clutter. The ground floor also contains three repair hammers.

The upper story serves as a bedroom and is made up of a chest of drawers, a chest and a bed. The drawers may contain up to six pieces of Dementia clothing (75% each) and the chest holds a handful of gold. Another amber piece and a copy of The Predecessors lay on the drawers.


Jayred Ice-Veins

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