Shivering:Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia)

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Horkvir Bear-Arm
(RefID: 00017646)
Home Town Split
House Horkvir Bear-Arm's House
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 10 Class Smith
RefID 00017646 BaseID 00016569
Other Information
Health 132 Magicka 87
Respons. 60 Aggress. 0
Essential Until either the player picks the manic side during The Great Divide or the whole quest is over
Faction(s) Dementia; Split Citizen; Split Dementia; Wilderness
Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia)

Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia) is a split personality of the original Horkvir Bear-Arm who lives in the settlement of Split. His Mania counterpart also lives in Split. Unlike his counterpart, he gets tired very quickly and prefers doing nothing at all.

Horkvir's personality certainly reflects in his daily routine, he wakes up late at 12pm and heads outside, where he will take a few steps to sit in his chair and where he will spend the next ten hours watching the other residents of Split pass by. He only stands up for a brief moment at 2pm and 8pm, when he will instead look for the nearest piece of food to have his late lunch and dinner during two hours. At 10pm he will return to his house, where he will spend four hours strolling around, until he heads to his room upstairs to sleep for ten long hours.

His attire consists of a dark green shirt combined with patchwork pants and a pair of scruffy shoes. He also carries with him an iron bow, an iron dagger, the key to his house and a leveled amount of gold. On combat he can only rely on his dagger since he lacks of the arrows to use the bow, and should his dagger break he will use his fists instead.

Even if he is the laziest resident in Split, all demented citizens will point you towards Horkvir for more information. When you get close to him, he may comment: "Talking wears me out." When you talk to him, he will reveal the problem: "My double is always working. It takes all my energy just watching him work. It's got to stop." When asked to elaborate he will tell you: "It's a problem, all these doubles walking around. And it's tiresome. Didn't used to be like this." He will then tell you the tale of the mage that changed everything in Split: "Some blasted mage. Had a theory. They've always got theories. He thought there was a Manic and a Demented in each of us. So, what does he do? What else? Casts a spell. You can see how well that went. Two of each of us walking around this place. Nothing we can do about it, either. There's a law about that here. Been to the Hill of Suicides? Not a nice place. But you might be able to help." He will then explain what must be done: "Only one group can stick around. Either we Demented or those blasted Manics. It's the only way we'll find any peace. You get rid of those Manics. All of them. If you can take care of that for me, I'd make it worth your while." If you request some time to think about his offer, he will respond: "Yeah, whatever. This whole conversation has worn me out. Just stay away from the other Horkvir. He might offer you the same deal. But that guy is crazy. Trust me." When approached again he will ask: "Have you made up your mind? I'm getting tired just waiting for an answer." If you accept, Horkvir will provide some fair warning: "Good. Just get rid of all those Manics in town, and we'll all be happier. Don't kill any Demented, though, or no reward for you." When asked about Doubles again, he will lazily say: "I expect you to be taking care of the problem. I'm too tired to do it." He will also greet you with: "Have you taken care of business yet? It's exhausing [sic] just waiting for you." and bid you farewell with a bit of his wisdom: "Don't work too hard."

Should you choose to help out the Mania side of Split, he will refuse to talk to you: "I heard you're working for those Manics. Leave me alone. I don't want trouble." If you manage to fail the quest, he will hatefully say: "You've messed this place up. I'm tired just thinking about it." When asked about Doubles at this point, he will add: "It must be exhausting messing up the way you do. Nice work." If you work for the Demented and manage to slay his workaholic counterpart, he will comment: "Finally killed him, huh? Thanks. It would have been a lot of effort to find someone else to do it. You've got more to get rid of, though." If you successfully complete the quest and kill all the Mania citizens he will have your reward ready: "Got them all? Makes me tired just thinking about it. Good work, though. Here's the reward I promised." When asked about Doubles again, he will add: "You cleared that up. You must be exhausted." When you talk to him after the quest he will comment: "Glad things are settled here. I can finally get some rest." or simply a lazy: "Yeah? What?" After the Main Quest, he will look at you and say: "Oh... I suppose I can make the effort to talk to you." After conversation, he will add: "It's been a pleasure Lord, now it's back to getting some rest and relaxation. All this talking has taken its toll on me."

His counterpart also shares the same feeling, and he won't miss a chance to express his hatred towards HIS double:"I'd get more work done if it weren't for my layabout double living in town."

Stage-Dependent Dialogue

At different stages in the Main Quest, the demented Horkvir will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • Some new person has arrived. It'd be polite to introduce myself, but I'm feeling more tired than usual.
  • The Gatekeeper is dead. Just great. Who's going to protect us now? I sure hope I don't have to move. I hate moving. It's depressing.
  • Someone managed to turn the Resonator back on. I guess that's a good thing. Though it sounds like a lot of work for little pay off to me.
  • You know, I need to get me a habit like Thadon. Might take the edge off. Life can be so hard. Makes me want to cry all the time.
  • Syl likes torturing people, doesn't she? But, there's really no point in lying. I mean, it takes too much energy to keep it all straight.
  • I hear you light that big torch in the city by setting yourself on fire. Now there's an idea. I'd like to see that, but the city is so far away.
  • Running Crucible must take a lot of energy. I'd rather just sit here. No reason to do anything else.
  • Running Bliss must take a lot of energy. I'd rather just sit here. No reason to do anything else.
  • Life might be easier if Order wipes everything out. Everything would be grey and plain. Like my life.
  • They made a new Gatekeeper. I'd go see him, but that would take effort.
  • So we have armies again? I wouldn't want to be in an army. All that physical exertion. Better to just sit and regain your strength.
  • Sheogorath's gone. I wish I could just disappear that way. Sometimes I feel invisible. But, that's not the same. I need a nap.
  • I suppose I should be glad the world didn't end. But, in some ways, I wish it had. It would be easier than... this.

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  • An additional five greetings were recorded for Horkvir, but the quest-related dialogue always takes precedence:
"Hello there. I suppose I should make the effort to introduce myself. I'm Horkvir Bear-Arm. I hope there isn't anything I can do for you." (listen)
"Are you sure you want me? If not, I'd rather just sit down a while, or maybe take a nap." (listen)
"Oh, hello. Can't you see I'm dozing off here? I was just daydreaming about how awful life is. I'd like to get back to that as soon as possible." (listen)
"I hope there isn't something you need from me. Being needed is worse than being forgotten, isn't it? I think so. Well, go on. Go on." (listen)
"Sheogorath. What trouble brings you out this way?" (listen)